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Why should every PMP renew PMI membership?

Why should every PMP renew PMI membership?

Tayyba Iftikhar 1013 17-Jul-2020

The management sector has provided a lot of employment facilities in today's generation. Project Management had turned into one of the hotspots of employment in the field of project management. A lot of companies have involved themselves in project management to enhance their revenue aspect. This has led to a lot of companies look up to efficient project managers to look after their project. The project creates a unique portal to reach a larger mass in the market for making the productions high.


Most of the company's involving themselves into projects the requirement for a project manager has increased. A project manager trained professional who has all the skills and knowledge required for fulfilling the needs of the company. The project manager primarily focuses on the quality and quantity of production and works on how to increase both these factors efficiently. A project manager and the product are delivered to the customer creates greater customer satisfaction to expand the business in the market. A project management professional has certification of excellence, which signifies his or her accomplishments in this field. A project manager often has a PMP certification. The PMP certification is for a project management professional certification is given out by the project management institute. The training for the PMP certification includes great knowledge of the PMBOK guide and other necessary tools and techniques of Management. A person has to sit for an examination of 800 marks and has to score a minimum of 450 marks to get a free certification. Examination for the PMP certification includes situational questions that compel the candidate to think critically. The project manager has trained skills and knows how to plan and execute a project successfully. He monitors the regular functioning of the team and motivates the team members to work efficiently. The PMP certification provides the certificate holder with great respect in the organization because of his accomplishments and knowledge. This certification is globally recognized and is appreciated by almost all the large scale corporations.

What is PMI Membership

The project management institute provides membership facilities to project management enthusiasts. This membership is a lot beneficial for each and everyone who is applying for them. Project management institute provides what type of memberships that is an individual membership, student membership, retiring membership, and group membership. All the different membership plans have different roles and benefits and come with different fees. The PMI membership is very beneficial from the very beginning. It helps the candidate in preparing for the PMP examinations with all the precisions. A person who was the PMI membership gets an exclusive discount on the PMP certification fees making it more accessible. The PMBOK guide is one of the prime books purchase necessary while preparing for your PMP certification. The person who has a PMI membership gets a digital copy of the PMBOK guide without paying anything. The project management situated provides interest groups where professionals take care of their interests while preparing for the PMP certification. Publishers from all around the world publish project management reports on several topics on the project management institute web page. A person who has the PMI membership guess and access to all the published research papers without any extra cost. Project management situated provides you with paperback editions of study materials, which are considered to be very important while preparing for the PMP certification. The membership allows you to grow your career with the usage of the vast resources available on the career Central and career headquarters. Another very important benefit of the PMI membership is that the person gets a project management journal where an understanding of project program and portfolio management is scripted for the last five years.

Renewal of PMI Membership 

A person who has the PMP certification is always advised to have a PMI membership. The professional should renew the PMI membership on its expiry to enjoy all the benefits which the PMI membership offers. The PMI membership provides statistical data to A PMP professional, which helps to have an upper hand while working in the organization. The PMI membership can be easily renewed by logging into the account of the membership holder and then selecting the button to renew. The project management institute charges a minimum fee for the renewal of the membership. The project management institute provides a lot of benefits through the PMI membership, and it is highly advisable to renew the membership on time. 

Updated 21-Sep-2020
PRINCE2 methodology is one of the most popular methodologies which is used in the industries. This particular technique is used in the field of project management and has proven to be useful.

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