What Technology Should You Use to Improve Security in Your Company?

Having the correct security measures in place should be one of the top priorities for business owners. Not only do you want to protect your company’s assets, but also keep your employees and clientele safe from theft or assault. This is particularly important nowadays because advancements in technology have opened new ways in which security can be breached. Namely, through cyber-attacks and fraudulent phone calls. However, the digital age has also created better ways to protect organisations against the aforementioned. Here’s a list of technologies which can improve security in your company:

User Behaviour Analytics
You can usually download a user behaviour analytics software for your organisation’s computer network. This technology allows you to track what employees are doing and if they’re engaging in any unusual or malicious behaviour, which is usually a good sign they’ve had their computer compromised by a cybercriminal. It can also alert other users on the system that somebody has been hacked. By identifying and preventing cybersecurity breaches, user behaviour analytics can safeguard your business.

ID Card Systems
ID cards (also known as smart cards or NFC cards) are electronic devices which contain information for identification and authentication. You can have them printed and distributed amongst your organisation’s employees to ensure only they have access to certain resources or facilities. They provide two-factor authorisation so you can thoroughly safeguard whatever information is being transferred or accessed with them. NFC cards are also perfect for cashless vending, in turn mitigating the risks associated with paying by hand, such as money being stolen or lost from the register. Another bonus of implementing an ID card system into your organisation is that you can monitor which employees are accessing the premises and at what time. This allows you to identify or deter criminal members of staff.

Data Encryption
Remote hacking is one of the biggest risks to organisations nowadays. If your network system is attacked by cybercriminals, high-value information could be compromised, and your clients or employees’ personal information could be stolen. This is where data encryption technology can be a lifesaver. This kind of software will encode high-value documents so only those with the proper authorisation can access them. By adding a digital wall of protection, you can stop remote hackers from stealing your company’s electronic valuables.

CCTV and Facial Recognition
Despite seeing it in all the movies, it’s only now that CCTV cameras are being equipped with facial recognition software. Surveillance is a great example of using technology for security. Not only does CCTV allow you to identify the culprit’s face and record what time the crime was committed, but it also acts as a visual deterrent. If a criminal sees a security camera, they are less inclined to commit an offence. This will become even more applicable once facial recognition technology for CCTV becomes widespread.

Ensure your business is safe by implementing the above security measures. Though cyber-attacks are on the rise, so is the technology which can protect your organisation against them.

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