World's most beautiful places to visit before you die

World's most beautiful places to visit before you die

World's most beautiful places to visit before you die 

We live in a very beautiful world. Though we are responsible for most of its destruction, there are still some places left that are unspoiled and they are unspeakably beautiful. Words simply cannot describe their beauty, and when we see their pictures over the internet, we simply wouldn’t believe them to be true. These magical and mythical places truly exist, and it is onto us to visit and explore them. Seeing them with our own two eyes will only make us believe in their true beauty, and our opinion will shape following that. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these places so that you can visit them before you die. So plan your trip to these extensions of heaven on Earth, and fill your eyes and memories with their enchanted aura.


 How to plan your trip?

Before we start our list, it is imperative to discuss how you will be able to plan and execute your trip. While some of you may be experienced travellers, and planning a trip is easier, many people need expert opinions and professional guidance. To maximize fun and minimize inconvenience, you need to consult a renowned travel agency. They can help you with booking flight tickets to your destination, suitable hotel accommodation, finding car rentals, the airport to hotel transfer, planning an itinerary, other bookings and details of your trip. So be wise and plan with their help, and have a nice trip to these enchanting destinations.

World’s most beautiful places to visit before you die



Situated between the North Pole and Norway, Svalbard is the last frontier of Europe. This Archipelago is beautiful beyond your beliefs, with unique features such as mountains, plateaus, valleys, glaciers, fjords, hills, twilights, northern lights illuminating the night sky, and other natural marvels that one can only imagine if he or she would be able to see in their lifetime. Even the flora and fauna is unique in Svalbard. The summers are short, and daylight never escapes in those few months. Winters are unbearable harsh and cold, with no sunlight. However, you can extract the warmness from the enchanting show of Aurora Borealis. This place is truly unbelievable to see in pictures or even read about it, so it is highly recommended that you visit it.

Deosai Plains

Located between the sentinels of mighty Himalayas and Karakoram in Northern Pakistan, Deosai Plains is the second highest plateau above sea level after Tibet. For this reason, this place is also known as the roof of the world. You can get a rough idea of the beauty and magic of this place from all the pictures and videos. However, after visiting it your opinion will change into ‘no picture can justify its beauty’. Deosai is a national park and home to some of the most endangered animals on earth, including Himalayan Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, Grey Wolf, Ladakh Urial, Red Fox, Golden Marmots, wild foxes, Golden Eagle, some raptor species, and etc.

When you visit this place in the spring season, you will witness lush green alpine meadows and wildflowers from where you are standing up to the horizon. This place is also known for its lakes, some of them are still unexplored or even discovered. Visit Deosai National Park and you will never forget this place.

Denali National Park and Preserve

Denali National Park and Preserve are located in Alaska, the northernmost state of the USA. It is one of the biggest national parks in the world, which covers almost 6 million acres of complete wilderness. This place is also home to Denali, or better known as Mount McKinley, which is standing tallest at 20,310 feet above sea level in the North American Continent. Denali National Park is home to ample wildlife, which includes grizzly bears, wolves, Dall sheep, moose, caribou, and etc. This place has a unique landscape that includes snowcapped mountain peaks, glaciers, tundra, spruce forests, lakes, rivers, and sea. You can go there in the summertime and take part in activities such as biking, hiking on different trails, mountaineering, sightseeing, helicopter tours, and backpacking.

The Great Barrier Reef

Spread over 1,400 miles, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest assemblage of coral reefs in the whole world. This place is the only living organism that can be seen from space. Accessible from the state of Queensland Australia, you need to visit it before you die. Go for a boating and diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef and find yourself in unbelievable, one-of-a-kind displays of marine life.

Torres Del Paine National Park

Located in the region of Chile’s Patagonia, Torres Del Paine National Park is known for its indescribable beauty, towering rocks, mountains, bright blue lakes, iceberg, glacial streams, grasslands, and exquisite wildlife such as llama, South American Grey Fox, Rheas, South Andean Deer, and Pumas. The three granite towers are notable features of this park. Some other significant sites include Grey Glacier, Grey Lake, Lake Pehoe, Perito Moreno Glacier, and Fitz Roy. There are some beautiful hiking trails in the park along with some amazing campsites. It is a dream of every traveller to visit Torres Del Paine National Park, which is why we recommend our readers to visit it before they die.

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