Is it Safe to Wear Contact Lenses in the Coronavirus Crises?

Is it Safe to Wear Contact Lenses in the Coronavirus Crises?

The effort of controlling the spread of COVID-19 have been arranged around by washing hand and keep them away from your face. For contact wearers, it is a bit challenging to keep them on while in this crisis duration.

For avoiding this situation, you should go with the Safety Eyewear that could protect your eyes. Now, the question is it right to wear contact lenses while in the dilemma of a viral pandemic.

Its answer is not simple, but some ophthalmology provided few guidelines for wearing contact lenses. So that you remain safe about the threat of coronavirus.

A Reason Not to Wear Contact Lenses:

Some organizations have provided some reasons that continuous wearing of contact lenses can be risky. They are not recommending contact lenses because the doctor doesn’t want to see patients except in emergency cases.

Another reason for not wearing contact lenses as you have to touch your eyes that is against the safety laws. So, consider wearing safety eyewear in the place of contact lenses particularly, when you have to avoid touching.

Moreover, glasses are the best substitute for reducing irritation and staying away from touching the eye’s lens.

Sterilize Contact Lenses:

Wearers of contact lenses should have to dispose of daily their lenses every morning and evening. Disinfect them regularly or after two months according to the instruction of eye care professionals. Follow these cleanliness rules.

• Wash your hands thoroughly so that no germs and dirt could transfer into your eyes. Don’t try to moisturize with soap because it is not suitable for contact lenses.

• Remove one lens from the case in the recommended solution. But before, remove all eye makeup so that you could easily remove contact lenses. keep in mind that don’t rub them and place them in the solution for a few seconds.

• Rinse the lenses again for removing excessive debris. For this, put a few drops of solution on your palm and gently rub them for removing dirt.

• After removing lenses, place them in the lens case and fill it with fresh solution.

• Repeat this process with the other lens as well.

How to Disinfect Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses can potentially transfer viral virus into eyes because of touching nose, eyes, and even mouth. A virus can easily move from your surroundings to your hand and from hand to eyeglasses.

Research also shows that viral Corona Virus can stay on the eyewear surface until 9 days. We unconsciously touch our eyes and face so washing hands has significant importance. People who reach the age of 40, wear reading glasses because of presbyopia.

When they take off or put their glasses, they can unintentionally transfer the virus. Therefore, this age group is more susceptible than other age groups. So, disinfection eyeglasses are essentials.

• For cleaning the frame and lenses, you can use dish wash soap lens cleaner solution. Keep in mind, don’t rub hardly the surface of frame and lenses because scratches can occur.

• Don’t use alcohol, ammonia, bleach, and other kitchen ingredients particularly if your eyewear has come coating over lenses.

Final Thoughts:

After comparing both prescription tools, eyeglasses are cool gadgets because of easy maintenance. On the other hand, contact lenses have expensive hygiene. But Wraparound Eyewear has simple steps of cleaning even with some kitchen ingredients.

It doesn’t matter with which one you want to go, don’t rub your eyes. Well, it is difficult to break this habit, but by doing this you reduce the risk of infection. If you have an urge to touch your glasses because for adjusting. It's more useful to use tissue rather than your fingertip.

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