Is Digital Marketing a good career choice in 2020

Perhaps one of the greatest developments of the 21st century, Digital Marketing has truly arrived and become a global phenomenon. Whether it is an entrepreneur trying to expand their business or a student looking for suitable courses, the dependability on online resources has increased considerably. As per Smart Insights, digital marketers were hired the most by organisations in 2015 and this demand will continue in 2020.

If you are considering a career in the digital world, then opting a diploma in digital marketing course would greatly help boost your career. Here are some job roles which would be highly in demand in 2020:

• Chief Experience Officer – With a departure from the traditional client service structure, the current demand is to devise customer-centric offerings and strategy to deliver a superior customer experience. As per research, 90% of CEO’s believe that customer is the main driving force behind a business’s success.

Chief Experience Officer’s role is to interconnect and streamline operations between various departments to offer a superior experience for customers. The key responsibilities of CXO include:

o Managing a team of graphic designers, web developers and research analysts for enhancing user experience

o Driving an understanding of the entire customer life cycle across the organisation and developing customer satisfaction & loyalty programs

o Pitching for consumer’s needs and requirements during project strategy and deployment phase

• SEO and SEM specialist–This role is focussed on enhancing search engine visibility results, bringing higher traffic to the website and creating new leads/opportunities. Some of the duties involved are:

o Devising strong link building strategy

o Setting up and allocating budgets for PPC ads and social media advertising campaigns

o Identifying target keywords and trending topics to leverage in paid advertising and content campaigns

o Analyse KPI’s generated through analytics and social insight tools

• Campaign specialist– This role is about monitoring and running campaigns for a new thought ware or introducing new solutions/offerings in the market. It entails collaborating with internal stakeholders to understand the requirements, prepare work back schedules to execute the campaign and analyse the ROI.

• Brand Manager– The role involves supervising the advertising efforts, product design and establishing consistency in branding. It also extends to participating and organising events for product launches and photoshoots. Either they are hired by agencies to work for different brands or with large organisations to develop the brand value for their products.

 They also perform market research to understand the latest client trends and predict upcoming ones as well.

• Content managers –This role requires impeccable writing skills and create content for multiple channels in digital media. Right from creating SEO-friendly content to understand the kind of collateral that needs to be developed, content management is a multi-faceted role.

Be a part of the digital revolution and pursue a successful career in this dynamic field.

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