How to control Diabetes and follow the few tips

Diabetes is a silent killer that millions of Americans are all too aware of in their daily lives. For anyone with the disease, there is hope. The right treatments and courses of action are changing the odds of survival as well as the likelihood of other side effects. Bringing these simple steps into a full care regimen really does make a difference in the lives of many Delray Beach dental clinic patients.

Knowing The Numbers

One of the best ways to manage diabetes is knowledge; knowing the numbers keep diabetics ahead of the curve. These are blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol to consider among regular number checks. Blood sugar levels should be checked every day. They should be less than 100mg/dl without food and less than 140mg/dl if it has been two hours since eating. Blood pressure numbers are very important not only to diabetics but for everyone; the recommended number for those with diabetes is less than 140/90. When someone has diabetes their good cholesterol levels are likely low while their bad cholesterol levels are high, this can contribute to heart disease in a diabetic person.

Eat Right
Eating right is a great help in controlling this condition. Blood sugar is affected by what a person eats as much as the size of portions.

Be sure to keep up with the number of carbohydrates being eaten at a time; it can be good to add protein and fiber which help with the blood sugar levels. Getting the right portions of food is important for being healthy. Try meal planning to make it easier to get the best diet. A dietician can put together one that will help keep someone on track. They will see to it that the diet has three meals a day that are eaten at proper times. A doctor can suggest a dietician or nutritionist that specializes in diabetic patients.

Exercise Regularly
Regular exercise is good for the body and mind. A person's doctor can help come up with an exercise plan that works with their unique conditions and medical requirements. Also, the doctor can let them know what is the best time for them to exercise to optimize their medication and meals. It's important to keep up with blood sugar levels at all times while exercising. Try at least five days a week with 30 minutes per day. There are many activities to try such as walking, biking, swimming, and strength training that all meet the necessary levels of cardio activity. Remember to keep properly hydrated during exercise. Also, take along a snack for times when exercise causes the blood sugar level to go down to low.

Consider Medication
Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to keep diabetes under control. There are several medications that work along with diet and exercise. Metformin allows the body to use insulin better while keeping the liver from producing too much glucose. Several types of insulin injections can be given for diabetes. One type of insulin will last for the whole day; insulin works quickly and stays in effect for several hours. There is one that starts working in just 30 minutes and will last for up to six hours.

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