Why do big companies prefer hiring Java development services?

Why do big companies prefer hiring Java development services?

Since 1995, JavaScript has been the top preferred language for website development worldwide. It has excellent features, very useful for developers, as well as, for the clients seeking such services for an elegant online presence. Despite being 25 years old, java still manages to give the other programming languages a run for their money. A lion’s share of the business world prefers hiring Java development services.

Charlie Campbell said,

“JavaScript is the duct tape of the internet.”

Developers and clients worldwide prefer using Java for the development of official websites. In fact, huge multinational brands also consider Java as the ideal platform. Let us look a little deeper into the world of applications in this contemporary era.

Interesting areas of Java development services

Android applications

Android application development is considered to be the most popular and resourceful by a majority of the developers. In fact, clients also consider owning an Android application first and then an iOS application. The reason is very simple. The development process is accomplished on Google Android’s API development platform. It uses the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and different packaging methods. The acceptance of Android apps is way more than iOS apps worldwide because of its feasibility.

Web applications

The web applications are developed using JavaScript. One of the major examples is Google Gmail. Apart from this, many significant brands belonging to the government, healthcare, education, insurance, defense, etc use this language for web application development.

Development of specific software tools

Other than the web and mobile applications, many software tools are also developed using Java. For instance, Intellij IDEA, NetBeans IDE, and Eclipse are the leading tools used to develop programs.

• Scientific applications

Java is also used for the natural processing of languages and scientific application development. Its portability, maintainability, and a set of better concurrency tools make it the best language to prefer for such developments.

Due to the diverse platform of applications, business owners hire Java developers India to develop their specific online applications and other solutions.

Why do big companies prefer Java?

Let’s see which significant brands still use Java as their prime developing language. As mentioned earlier, Google performs the major part of its development operation using Java. The Android platform is based mostly on JavaScript. Accenture uses this language mostly for project development. Symantec, Intel, Thomson, Philips, T-Mobile, and other hardware companies use this. Indian brands like Naukri, Myntra, Ibibo, TripAdvisor, Flipkart, Trivago, etc use Java.

The reasons for hiring Java development services are mentioned below.

Cross functionality

Due to its high portability features, the same program can be run on different platforms dedicated to desktops, embedded systems, and smartphones. It is used in diverse domains without any hassle. It can also be moved from one system to the other without causing any disturbance in the code. In fact, it can be operated in different operating systems. Mobile applications and websites of Uber, Airbnb, and eBay are based on this language. Java is also used in building industrial robots, automation techniques, ATM, etc.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

OOP application development using Java becomes a lot easier for developers. It also aids in the formulation of websites and applications faster for clients. Java is a 100% object-oriented programming language.

David Flanagan said,

“JavaScript is not a functional programming language like Lisp or Haskell, but the fact that JavaScript can manipulate functions as objects means that we can use functional programming techniques in JavaScript. “

• Excellent tools

As mentioned earlier, JavaScript offers the most promising integrated development environments (IDEs), very useful for modern-day developers. Frameworks and libraries of different assortments are available in Java. There are excellent tools such as ANT, Jenkins, JConsole, Visual VM, Decompilers, and Maven that aid in brilliant coding and debugging. Due to the real-time web development features of these tools, developers can make the web and mobile app development process faster and more efficient. When you hire Java developers India, you can expect the quickest turnaround time.

• Open-source

This open-source language has a huge community of more than 10 million developers helping each other out. From medical devices to sports cars, it is used. The community provides excellent support to any industry in solving different issues. The resources for code development are highly available in the fraternity.


Whether it is mobile or web application development, hiring a Java development agency is ideal because of the above-mentioned reasons. Find the ideal agency suiting the specific needs of your business and industry genre for a better outcome.

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