5 Best Hill Stations Near Chandigarh Within 300 Kms


Nahan is the place which is situated at Sirmur at Himachal Pradesh. The people from the Chandigarh have the interest to wander around these types of places. In this place there is Nahan Fort which is founded by Raja Karam Prakash in 1621.The walls of Nahan fort is painted with reddish colour which is the good background for tourists for photography. There is the lake called as Renuka lake where Several people like to visit this place for enjoying the joy of boating with their members in which they like to shout and hoot in excitement way. Suketi is the place in Nahan which is known as the oldest fossil park in the whole world.


Parwanoo is situated at Solan at Himachal Pradesh. Parwanoo is known as World biggest wholesale place. Several people like to visit this types of places where they like to take interest in site scenes. In this place there are some points where people like to go there. Rope ways are provided for tourists to see the  top views of valleys of Parwanoo in which they like to get in the trolley with limited members and like to capture beautiful scenes of this place. There are several places which are famous for industrial areas where people like to visit there where some people like to guide them.

3)-Morni Hills

Moraine Hills are the famous resort situated at Phanchkula at Haryana. There are several people like to visit this place from different directions of India to know about this place. There is the hills which are called as many hills where Haryana government had made the resort there for tourism. In this resorts there the good facilities for accommodations and good facilities for recreational by children in which playground, roller skating rink and Swimming pool. There are several adventures activities are perform in this resort in which people like to take participate for fun and hooting moments.


Kasauli is the place which is situated at Solan at Himachal Pradesh. This place is known for continent which is established by British raj in 1842.Several people like to reach this place from different points of India. This i9a very beautiful place where Bollywood industries like to visit this place for shooting. there are very adorable Site scenes where people like to trekking there with their family members and collage groups where they like to do mostly photo-graphy for upload in social media for knowledge. There is a church which is unique and made by Britishers in 1623 which is colonial architecture of structures which attract the tourists towards it.


Manali is situated at the district Kullu at Himachal Pradesh. Several people like to go there by volvo with their family members and friends to know about this place. This place is most-visited place where people come from different parts of India. There is the Rohtang pass is situated nearer Manali where people like to go for adventures like ice-skiing. In Manali, there are good hotels and restaurants where people like to accommodate and take dinner there after returning-back from the other places. Mostly people like to participate in adventurous activities in a Manali tour. There is the temple of goddess Hadimba where people pray to goddess Durga but in Manali people pray Hadimba for good blessing of their life.

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