why updating the Symfony framework is important?

why updating the Symfony framework is important?

Updates are a necessary evil that irritates most developers and users. However, there always comes a point where technologies become outdated or lose support and become vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of security breaches. Every long-term project needs to adapt to these changes. Today, we’re gonna talk about Symfony development and why updating Symfony framework to at least 3.4 version is absolutely crucial.

Symfony’s stable versions
If you’re reading this article you probably know that very well, but let’s do a quick recap: Symfony is a PHP web app framework coming with a set of reusable libraries/components. It’s been on the market since 2005 and since then it has become really popular among backend developers. The Symfony framework is focused on replacing repetitive programming tasks and speeding up the maintenance.

A lot of popular apps used Symfony 2.8. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been supporting bug fixes since November 2019 and it lost the support of security fixes in November 2019. It basically means that by now, Symfony 2.8 is discontinued and will no longer receive any new features. So if your app still uses this version, you’ll need to upgrade it to a newer version with longer support – for example, Symfony 3.4.
Symfony 3.4
This framework is nothing ground-breaking: more evolution than revolution. The developers who worked on this version have received the users’ feedback and simply included their opinion. Symfony 3.4 came with a new directory structure, as well as different location for some (pretty important) files and components. The list of more than 200 features and fixes is available on Symfony’s website.
Symfony upgrade solves many problems
The most often, applications are being updated because they are mature, developed over the course of many, many years. It’s logical that the tools used when the app was created either don’t exist or are not supported anymore. This means that the technological debt of the application is growing and it will take more time to get it properly patched.

There’s another massive problem. In the age of an increasing number of cyberattack happening on a regular basis, the security of application becomes the number one priority. Especially, if you work with confidential information or personal data of your customers. You can’t risk data leaks over something that could have been easily fixed through Symfony updates.
What benefits the Symfony update brings?
Using newer versions of Symfony framework will not only help you with security issues but also make code more transparent and allow new developers to join your project faster. Explaining the more complicated elements of the system becomes easier when using modern technologies. Eventually, if you spend a little time to update Symfony, in the long run, it will pay off with even more time and money saved.
If done correctly, updating Symfony to 3.4 or higher version won’t break your code or ruin the product. On the contrary, it will smooth your Symfony development, modernize your app and code, simplify maintenance and increase security and performance.

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