5 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Cannabis Dispensaries And NOT Dealers

Buying cannabis and its consumption has been legalized in some of the states in the USA now, and people who are above 18 can legally buy medicated cannabis from dispensaries such as Arbutus, MD Medical Cannabis Dispensary.

But the very mention of cannabis still triggers many of us to assume that it is some shady business that people resort to for quick money and intoxication. However, the reality is far from that. Today, medical cannabis that is approved by the FDA comes with plenty of health benefits that can treat many different health conditions. But for that, you need to get a good quality of the product and use it as per your doctor's prescription.

Of course, getting cannabis is no big deal, there are dealers available too, you might think. But there is always a possibility of landing up in legal problems if you tread the wrong path. But if you make sure to buy from registered dispensaries, then you can be confident of going the right way.

The following are the reasons why you should buy cannabis from dispensaries and never from dealers.

1. No compromising with the quality.

When you buy cannabis illegally from dealers, you will not have any clue about the quality being provided, and there is no scope of asking for a refund in case of an inferior quality of supply. If you buy cannabis from dispensaries, you will get the best quality and the specified amount. In fact, the cannabis that you find in dispensaries is tested and approved by certified doctors and is laboratory tested before retailing. The cannabis that you get from dealers have questionable quality and do not belong from a healthy environment.

2. Get it on time.

Generally, when you buy cannabis from dealers, the consistency of timing varies. You have to wait for too long to receive your order in hand. But when you choose to buy it from the dispensaries, it takes about 5 minutes to receive your order once you show your MMJ card and the doctor’s prescription.

3. Get it legally.

Cannabis dealers are usually not legally approved, so you never know how you might land up in unwanted legal complications. Buying and selling cannabis comes with extremely tight laws that must be abided by. When you get it from the dispensaries, you get it legally and with supervision and transparency.

4. Dispensaries provide varieties.

Unlike a street cannabis dealer, dispensaries sell FDA approved cannabis in different forms like edibles and oils. Depending on your specific health need or as prescribed for treatment, you can avail of any of the options to buy the one which is most suitable.

5. Contributes to the country.

When you buy cannabis from dispensaries, the taxes collected from there directly go contribute to the state or government funds which in turn contributes to the country’s economy.

Lastly, it is crucial that you understand the motive here. Dispensaries sell cannabis for your well-being whereas the dealers mostly sell cannabis only for the monetary benefits. So steer clear of legal troubles, and choose wisely.

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