PABX: Reasons you should install PABX in your office

PABX: Reasons you should install PABX in your office

Happy employees are the life of an organization. In your business, which improves the efficiency of your employees? The simple answer will be communication between employees and the system. If the communication is easy, effortless and convenient it can improve the efficiency of the whole process and business will roar for sure. But how to ensure effective communication has been established between employees? The answer will be the installation of a PABX system. 

What is PABX?

PABX is an internal connection of telephones through IP. It can be set up at any telephone network and works as a system to improve internal communication between different employees or parties. As all the employees or persons are connected through PABX the work environment becomes more convenient. Usually, the PABX system uses the TCP/IP protocols to establish a connection between telephones.

Reasons your company should have PABX

• Consider the situation. One of your employees who is working at level 10 of a building needs a document to complete the project. The document currently in the hand of another employee who is working at 1st floor. In this case, if there is no PABX, the employee will go to the first floor to tell another employee to send the file via email. But if there is PABX, he can just make a call to the other employee to tell him to send the file. Easy and convenient.

• The PABX system is extremely easy to use and anyone can use it by dialing only two or three digits.

• It saves time by establishing immediate communication between employees.

• You can control which phone can be used to make an outside calls (national/international).

PABX system installation is easy and not costly.

Which PABX systems are popular?

Based on the organization type, the number of connections etc necessary PABX systems could vary organization to organization. Selecting the proper PABX systems for your organizations may need some expert consultation. As there is some technical works to be done, selecting the proper contractor to set up PABX system is important. Some of the most popular PABX systems are-

• Avaya IP PABX Telephone System

• Cisco Telephone System

• Yeastar IP PABX Telephone System

• Panasonic PABX System

Considerations Before Installation

• Decide which type fits for your office? Premise based PABX or hosted PABX? If your business needs a big customer care center or needs to connect with other businesses then premise-based PABX could be a good option. Otherwise, you can go for a hosted PABX.

• You should be very serious about security. It is because recently IP PBX hacking attacks are increasing. And, if you compromise your security to save money, your business could be a good source of information for the hackers/attackers.

• Before setting up, check the monthly charges or annual charges.

• Fix your needed criteria. For example, how many connections you may need, how many concurrent sessions could run etc. and choose the perfect PABX accordingly.

• Run a speed test of your system and do not forget to make sure you have sufficient bandwidth to meet your full requirements.

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