Start Up Pitches – Animation is the way to go!

Start Up Pitches – Animation is the way to go!

Technology has taken a fast-paced development throughout the global economy, where the dependency on technology has increased by a wide margin. In such times, where half the things we need to be done are on our fingertips and just a push away, people rarely have time to read reports and sit through lengthy presentations. The advancement in technology has been a game-changer for startup pitches, while some may still opt for traditional ways of presenting a pitch, most of the market dynamic has shifted to using videos, and other visual aids to make their pitches more promising. It is strongly believed that in this time and age when an audience is giving you their time, they are looking for something creative, catchy, and unique.

A major chunk of the market has started opting for visual aids for their startup pitches, and while this may be the more fun way to go about it, research has also suggested that it increases human retention for information as compared to reading lengthy texts. The most effective way to put your message across is through animated videos. There are various types of video animation, some of which include 3D animations, 2D animations, whiteboard videos, and explainer videos – amongst the given options, for a startup pitch, an explainer video is a way to go.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short animated video that contains a creative edge, relevant information, and usually contains a businesses’ story. These videos are widely used for marketing purposes and/or when new startups want to pitch their ideas in a creative way. While explainer videos make it a lot easier for the viewer to stay on track and remain interested in the intended message, they are also extremely easy to produce with very little or no lengthy productions.

Why Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos have become a very consistent choice in marketing techniques and for other presentation purposes including startup pitches – however just because it’s a recent trend, it isn’t reason enough to opt for it yourself. In order to make an informed decision, you must know why explainer videos should be the choice you make and how it will help you in putting across your message to your audience, and the investors.

Nobody’s got the time to read

Unfortunately, as we have become extremely fast-paced in terms of technology and our choices, people no longer have the patience or the liking for reading – be it books, manuals, or official reports. Most of the times viewers are looking for content that is appealing, concise, and capturing. Explainer videos make the content more appealing and help viewers gain more from little text.

They help clarify your objectives

People don’t always read everything that you write; there are times when people barely go through what you may have presented in an email, a document, or a report. These can cause hindrances in the communication between you and your target. Explainer videos help put the message in an attractive way and present it to the relevant audience. It will help ensure that the viewers have a strong grasp of your objective.

Animations are memorable

As per research, visual aids help people remember almost 70% of the content that they hear and see; whereas the retention rate for when they read or hear something is comparatively low. Animations help viewers remember what they saw and it helps them stay focused; videos can also appeal to various emotions of a viewer if strategically produced. Tapping on the emotions of your viewers can often give you an edge of having your objectives embedded in their minds for longer.

It helps create, maintain, and increase traffic

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms have made it easy for things to go “viral” in less time. Explainer videos will become an imperative part of how easily you can generate traffic for your websites, as sharing becomes easy when it is a video. Increasing traffic helps companies reach a wider audience.

Your pitch is on the go

Smartphones have made it possible to connect anywhere and get whatever information one may desire. When Startups opt for explainer videos, it becomes easier to reach a bigger audience. Using explainer videos can help them make their message more accessible as people do not have to be sitting in an official setting in order to access the information instead they can watch these videos from their own comfort zones, in their own preferred time.

Essentials of Using Animations for pitching Ideas

Using animations for Startup pitches is a more effective way; however, we cannot shy away from the fact that there are a few essentials that a business has to keep in mind before creating videos and exposing it to their viewers. These essentials will help a business make effective and efficient choices when choosing content, graphics, etc.

Use a story that they can connect with

Audiences usually get fascinated by storytelling but with things that they can emotionally or socially relate to. When making advertisements, agencies often use emotional aspects to highlight their products or services, therefore while making animated videos for startups, it is essential to create a story that connects with your audience.

Make use of appealing visuals

Using videos can also become disastrous if they are not tactfully planned and executed, sometimes businesses fail to take into account the effect good graphics could have on a viewer. In essence, it is necessary that the colors, the themes, the graphics being used are all in line with the message that the business is trying to put across and are visually appealing to their targeted viewers.

SEO-optimized is the final key

A video, text, or a blog could get lost in the web traffic created on a daily basis. It is highly important for a business to make sure that whatever content they are producing is SEO optimized and helps generate the most traffic in effective and efficient ways.


With changing trends, it is advisable that startups, existing business, and other individuals change their traditional ways accordingly. One recent trend is using explainer videos that help create content that is visually appealing to the viewers, reduces time consumption, and helps viewers retain the message and its purpose for longer as opposed to traditional ways of pitching ideas. In order to make the most of using videos for pitching, learn why explainer videos are beneficial along with the essentials required to create these videos in the above-mentioned information.

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