Increasing Body Awareness and Health Education for Girls

Increasing Body Awareness and Health Education for Girls

As children grow, they start to notice changes at different points in their lives. It is said that girls develop faster than boys do.

Proper education will help them develop confidence in themselves as they will be aware of what to expect at a given time. This article to enhance body awareness for girls and what teens need to know about health education.

What is body awareness?

Body awareness is the sense that every individual has to his or her body. It is the understanding of the different parts that make up the body, their location, what these parts do and how they feel.

While girls are developing, they will experience various changes. We have to acknowledge that children develop at different rates and so these girls will not experience the changes at the same time.

In addition to teaching girls on the changes to expect with their bodies during adolescence, it is also important to introduce sex education to them. Girls must be guided on how to exercise self-control during adolescence as they experience hormonal changes that could make them want to spend more time with the opposite sex. Girls need to be taught on how to prevent pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases at teenage.

Changes girls should expect with their bodies during adolescence

The changes in the body for girls can start from as early as eight years. Body awareness education, therefore, should start early enough for girls. Some of the changes which occur in girls include:

  • Enlarged breasts
  • Increased body weight
  • Growth of pubic hair
  • Growth of underarm hair
  • Acne
  • Menstruation

Find out more about puberty in girls in this video.

In addition to being taught about changes to expect with their bodies, young girls must also be taught on the importance of maintaining good health through proper education. The choices teens make can affect their health not only during that period but also throughout their lives and therefore education for health is necessary.

A health educator should, therefore, be able to teach these girls about the risks they can put themselves into if they do not take good care of their health. We cannot underestimate the importance of health education for girls. There are different areas in which health education should focus on. Health education for girls should include:

Mental health

Adolescents usually experience mood swings. While this is a little normal, it is important that girls be taught on how to cope with stress and develop good judgment. This will help avoid depression and anxiety disorders.

Reproductive health

Girls develop hormonal changes during adolescence. Sexual health is very important at this age because it will help girls realize that they could give birth if they do not exercise self-control.

They must be taught on how to prevent early pregnancies and how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Use of contraceptives can be advised for those who are sexually active.

Physical health

It is important that girls get to be taught on how to take responsibility for their physical health. They need to be encouraged to eat well and exercise enough to avoid various diseases that come as a result of neglecting their physical health

Healthy relationships

Healthy Relationships is one of the most popular topics for college assignments with which students turn to writers at writing services. It is necessary that girls are advised on how to form and maintain healthy relationships during adolescent. They need be informed about the effects of peer pressure and how they can avoid this by being with the right friends. Relationships with the elder people should also be encouraged as they can get to learn about what to expect in life ahead.

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