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What is Better SEO or PPC?

What is Better SEO or PPC?

Solutions 1313 938 24-Jan-2020

PPC is pay per click. In this, we have to pay fees for each click. This helps in bringing traffic to our website. However, this is a paid method for ranking your website and bringing business to your side. It shows instant results and money is only paid when somebody clicks on the link we provided.

SEO means search engine optimization and this is totally free of cost and helps improve the ranking of your website. This is done by backlinking and various other ways. This helps to bring your website on top in search engines like google, yahoo, YouTube, etc. 

How is SEO better than PPC? 

Some of the major reasons why SEO is better than PPC are: 

Cost: SEO is free of cost. We don’t need to pay after every click for the same. SEO can be afforded by everybody. Either you can do the SEO yourself or you can take the help of any agency like Solutions 1313 SEO Company in Chandigarh for the same. As money is important to factor for business this is one of the reasons it is preferred more by the people.

Long term: SEO Shows the ranking for a long time even though we do not optimize it for some days. As it appears by itself on search engines it gains the trust of people and helps in building a brand image for your business too.

Type of traffic: The traffic with SEO is organic traffic that is healthy for your business while in PPC we bring paid traffic to our website. The traffic is more useful and productive than that come by SEO. Thus, we can say SEO traffic is good for your business and profit

Effective: SEO shows results for constant whereas as soon as the budget gets over PPC stops showing them. Therefore, SEO is considered an effective way of getting ranks on search engines.

On the other hand, if we talk about PPC, then PPC is also not bad and helps to grow your business but if we compare the two SEO gives better and long-term results. Therefore, all good business sites use SEO more than PPC.

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