Introducing Helium 10 – The Insanely Robust Tool for Amazon Sellers

Introducing Helium 10 – The Insanely Robust Tool for Amazon Sellers

Unless you’re exceptionally reluctant to keep yourself updated with the latest crazy trends of the digital world, the term Helium 10 might look familiar to you too! It’s a wonderful software that helps Amazon sellers in many ways.

However, if you’ve already come across a bunch of reviews for Helium 10, and still not satisfied with the information, then you’ve reached the right place! This post tells almost everything about Helium 10. Keep reading!!

Let’s start with the basics…

What Does Helium 10 Refer to?
Helium 10 is a robust all-rounder software suite that contains twenty exceptionally integrated tools. It’s beneficial for Amazon sellers since it effectively helps them to manage several functions. The list includes-

1.    Keyword research
2.    Keyword tracking
3.    Product research
4.    Listing optimization
5.    Refund management
6.    Index checking
7.    Competitor intel
8.    Inventory protection
9.    Email follow-up
10.    Financial analytics
11.    Hijacker and listing supervising
12.    Product launching and more.

The headquarter of the production house of Helium 10 is situated in California, and it has several satellite offices across the globe. After three years of hard-work, Helium 10 has managed to achieve the title of ‘leading amazon software of the contemporary era’.

Who Created Helium 10?
The founders of Helium 10 are Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol. After observing the market, Manny and Puyol realised the necessity of compact software that can help Amazon sellers in fulfilling their varied requirements.

Initially, they produced a listing optimisation tool called Scribbles. It got a terrific response because of its effectiveness in improving the listings methodically. It’s still a part of Helium 10 suite.

The Primary Tools of Helium 10 – A Close Look
Well, there are a lot of tools that come under the Helium 10 suite. Let’s check out the most important ones among them here.

The Product Research Tool- Helium 10 Black Box
With this tool, the seller of Amazon can start the product research. All you need to do is to input your search details in the dedicated search boxes. The tool will show up the desired product, and it fetches the details from the rich product database of Amazon. You can also align your search in a more uniformed way by adding relevant keywords.

As per the sources, Helium 10 can search for more than 450 million products at a time. In other words, Black Box enables you to access the vast catalogue of Amazon. Besides, you can search for different international market places effortlessly.

The Display Algorithm of Black Box
In a one-liner, the display algorithm of Helium 10 is fantastic! It shows up products after sorting them out according to the applied filters. It allows you to get the list of best-selling products with ease.

Amazing Listing Optimization Assistant - Helium 10 Scribbles
With Scribbles, you get the amazing opportunity of streamlining and simplifying the job of product listing creation. Naturally, it plays a vital role when it comes to attracting more visitors by showcasing the featured products.

The Keyword Research Tool – Helium 10 Cerebro
Cerebro is an excellent tool that allows the sellers to run a reverse ASIN lookup. The best part is it gives the users a glance of the keyword strategy followed by their competitors. Using this tool is almost similar to a child’s play. All you need to do is to enter your search details and click on ‘get keywords’. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

Apart from the said three, there a bunch of great tools like Helium 10 Magnet 2.0, Helium 10 Frankenstein, Refund Genie and many more those make Helium 10 stand outside the crowd. Hope you find this review for Helium 10 useful!

As per the recent statistics, Helium 10 has managed to achieve a popularity score of 9/10. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re an Amazon seller, this is a must-have tool set for you! Get it at the earliest and enjoy a justified investment!!

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