Vein Center in Lawrence, MA

Vein Center in Lawrence, MA

Vein centers, also known as vascular centers, deal with diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and problems related to your venous system. Some venous abnormalities are spider veins, varicose veins, venous wounds, closure of veins due to blood clots, venous insufficiency, superior vena cava syndrome, pelvic vein compression, etc. All these diseases and their associated factors are effectively treated in vein centers. Different methods are used to treat all veins associated diseases.

Vein related diseases are often very painful and disturb normal functioning of life. Spider veins affect your physical appearance and are usually considered to be of cosmetic importance. However, they are symptomatic in most cases. They most commonly appear on face and legs. On the other hand, varicose veins interfere with painless walking. They are present on legs. Negligence can be dangerous. Seek treatment as soon as you suspect it.

Diagnosis of Venous Diseases:

Your medical history and complete evaluation of veins of your legs help in diagnosis. Also, a number of laboratory tests are performed to diagnose the diseases which are associated with your vascular system. Duplex ultrasound is a confirmatory test for varicose veins. It is one of the commonly encountered venous diseases. CT scan and MRI can also be performed to evaluate the best treatment options in vein diseases.

Treatment of Venous Diseases:

Your health care provider discusses all treatment options with you and a mutual decision is made regarding which option should be considered. Following are some available treatment options:

• Liquid sclerotherapy

• Foam sclerotherapy

• Endovenous thermal ablation

• Endovenous non thermal ablation

• Ambulatory phlebectomy

• Ligation and removal of veins (vein stripping)

• Surgical reconstruction

• Bypass

• Thermocoagulation

• Radiofrequency closure

Vein stripping was previously used, now it is less common. It is because of its very painful nature and prolonged recovery time. Nowadays, least invasive techniques, such as thermocoagulation and radiofrequency closure are more commonly used.

Vascular Center in Lawrence, MA:

Our vascular center in Lawrence, MA is fully equipped with all the components needed for your vascular treatment. Complete vein care is provided under the supervision of competent doctors, highly trained practice providers, trained nurses and paramedical staff. We ensure that a comfortable and homely environment is provided to all our patients to make them recover faster. All our staff is very cooperative and passionate to help you out.

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