Black box testing also known as functional testing or behavioral testing treats the system as a black-box”, so it doesn’t explicitly use Knowledge of the internal structure or code. Or in other words the Test engineer need not know the internal working of the “Black box” or application. Main focus in black box testing is on functionality of the system as a whole.

Black box testing occurs throughout the software development and testing life cycle i.e. in Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance and regression testing stages.

Advantages of Black Box Testing

·         Tester can be non-technical.

·         Used to verify contradictions in actual system and the specifications.

·         Test cases can be designed as soon as the functional specifications are complete

Disadvantages of Black Box Testing

·         The test inputs needs to be from large sample space.

·         It is difficult to identify all possible inputs in limited testing time. So writing test cases is slow and difficult

·         Chances of having unidentified paths during this testing

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