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5 Facebook Marketing Tips that Actually Work

5 Facebook Marketing Tips that Actually Work

Jeni Raf744 09-Jan-2020

Social media marketing gets the most credit for brand awareness and engagement thanks to multiple social platforms with free and paid marketing. Social media helps providers and consumers both with the products. Facebook was the first social media platform to launch ads. Despite the fact that Facebook has announced to reduce the impact of sponsored ads on user’s newsfeed it still remains one of the most powerful houses for advertisers and marketers. Facebook has a benchmark about how everyone should manage their ad algorithm.

The better chances of your marketing on over 1 billion daily active users is to follow and focus more on the effective tips of facebook marketing than using all the mainstream ones:

Choose everything right for your business page:

For starters, you would need everything on your business page properly arranged and correct which will solidify your brand authenticity grounds. Facebook has six categories for business and each offers different features. you need to choose the most suitable one among local business/ place, company/ organization/ institution, brand/ product, artist/ band/ public figure, entertainment, and cause/ community.

Facebook thumbs-up:

A new technique that has been beginning to become common is about how to buy facebook likes. There are plenty of websites where you can buy facebook engagement at pretty cheap rates but be wary since these likes wouldn’t bring as genuine engagement and sales as you would like. The organic method to gain likes is inviting, posting, shout outs by influencers on their account, be educational/ up to date, initiate polls and FAQ and go live on Facebook.

Sponsored ad:

Running ad campaigns powered by facebook can work in your favor simply if you are well aware of your target audience location, gender, age and time. By the time it means that you can calculate when your majority audience is active on facebook according to their geographical location. Often ads go waste because it is sponsored at the time nobody is looking at it.


A social media post accompanied by creative limited words title and a high-resolution photo has more potential to grab a lot of engagement. Another effective technique is group sharing. Group sharing means that you either motivate your consumers to recommend your page or post on the group with your brand page, although for that you usually have to pay a fee to group admins.

Content measures:

Attractive content is definitely the first thing you should look into but there are certain practices to manage your content. The most common practice is the 70-20-10 rule. This rule suggests that 70% of the time you post original content, content relevant to your followers must be posted 20% of the time and only 10% of the time you should do self-promotion. Grab a vanity URL as soon as you have established your business page. A vanity URL helps with SEO. Google will link your keywords to make your profile searchable on facebook as well on google search bar. Vanity URL also helps you post your content links on other places and redirect traffic to your platform.

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