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Steps to Choose the Right General Contractor

Steps to Choose the Right General Contractor

Erika Tinkle 1138 30-Dec-2019

General contractors usually handle medium to large construction jobs. They are given various names like builders, building contractors, remodeling contractors etc. The term general contractor is commonly used because he enters into a contractor with the owner to complete a project and takes the entire responsibility to get the job done with the decided price.

Choosing an efficient and reliable general contractor is crucial as no other decision influences the success or failure of your project. Just having a good plan, proper contracts and construction documents do not guarantee a good work from someone who lacks skills and integrity. That is why you need to find someone who is reliable and has necessary skills to be successful in this project. Here are some tricks you can apply to find the right contractor for your project.

1. Online research and reviews

Just like in everything else, when it comes to finding a general contractor you can take Google’s help. While following Google’s recommendations, don’t forget to check the reviews of each contractor. Read them carefully to know about them. However, you need to keep in mind that online reviews are not fully reliable as most of the websites would not want to keep negative reviews. They can simply sort them and show you only the positive ones. So be careful while choosing a contractor only based reviews.

2. Initial interview

While interacting with general contractors over phone, initiate a small interview with them where you can include the following questions

  • Do they take up similar projects like yours
  • Can they show you a list of their previous clients
  • Do they provide financial references, from suppliers or banks
  • Their experience in this field

3. Experience

Experience speaks for a contractor’s work efficiency. That is why it is important for you to ask about a contractor’s experience. The length of time that the company has spent in handling construction project says a lot about the quality that the contractor offers. During this time period, a contractor must have made numerous connections with businesses, contractors and suppliers that are able to contribute in the smooth execution of their projects. Use this free property management app to manage task efficiently.

4. License and other documents

Hiring a contractor that does not have a valid license or other necessary official documents can be very much risky. A license adds credibility to a contractor’s work because to get a license a contractor needs to pass through a test over the procedure and codes associated with building construction. Similarly insurance adds safety to a project because if anything goes wrong during the construction at least you do not have to bear the cost of it.

5. Previous work

No matter how impressive your chosen contractor seems to be, don’t forget to ask him about their previous work and its success rate. If possible, collect the contact information of their previous clients and get in touch with them to know about their experience with the contractor.

6. Comparing bids

Take estimation from your sorted list of construction service providers to compare their service costs. Don’t go for the cheapest service as sometimes low in price signifies low quality of work. While comparing bids of various general construction companies look for the services they offer in the construction project and select the one that covers all the necessary services that you require and fit into your budget.

Apart from these tricks you need to keep in mind that, communication is a very important thing. An efficient contractor like  would keep in touch with you at every step of the construction project so that they can deliver you your desired result.

Updated 03-May-2020
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