How the On-Demand Economy is Changing the Way People Find Work

How the On-Demand Economy is Changing the Way People Find Work

The on-demand economy has proven itself to be a reliable way of doing business, and more people are using on-demand apps than ever before. According to research from Rockbridge Associates, an estimated 41.5 million consumers used some type of on-demand service or product in 2017.

With the market continuing to grow and businesses spreading this technology into more industries, the on-demand economy is expected to have a major impact on the future of job hunting.

The Success of the On-Demand Economy
Consumers now expect to be able to  get the things they need or want quickly and with little effort. Much of this shift in consumer expectation can be attributed to the prevalence of smartphones. Approximately 77% of American adults now own a smartphone, and this has conditioned many to expect a wide range of services to be available right at their fingertips.

The increase in smartphone ownership has helped to make the on-demand economy possible and give consumers the expectation of quick and easy access to services and products. But, the first on-demand apps had to be developed to connect consumers with the providers of products and services.

When most people think of on-demand apps, the first examples that usually come to mind are those of ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft. While these might be some of the most popular on-demand services available, we are now starting to see on-demand apps for things like booking travel accommodations and delivering food and groceries. Some developers are even starting to experiment with on-demand apps for healthcare services.

All of these apps not only provide consumers with a quick and easy way to access products and services, but they also open up new employment opportunities for workers. As more consumers embrace this technology, more businesses will look to on-demand apps as a way to deliver products and services, and this in turn will increase the number of jobs in the on-demand economy. Additionally, there are even on-demand staffing apps that connect businesses with workers.

How These Apps Change the Job Hunt

The on-demand economy has already had a significant impact on the way business is done in a number of different industries. As a result, it is also changing the way some people find work. With the ability to download an app and have access to new income sources, workers are no longer bound to the traditional employer/employee relationship.

One of the ways this is changing the job hunt is that on-demand employment has the potential to provide workers with a temporary source of income while they look for a more permanent position. When a person loses their job or just decides to leave, they will no longer have to feel the same pressure to jump at the next available opportunity.

With jobs available through on-demand apps, workers can find a temporary source of income that will allow them to pay the bills while they look for permanent employment.

Flexibility is another advantage of the jobs that can be found in the on-demand economy. With on-demand employment, a worker can set his or her own schedule. This can be important for people who have responsibilities and obligations that may make it difficult to hold a traditional full-time job.

For many, the on-demand economy will also be an answer to underemployment. The traditional jobs that offer full-time employment are less common than they used to be. Finding a second job can be one answer to the problem, but it can be difficult to manage the competing schedules. With these platforms, workers can maintain their regular job and then use the on-demand platform when they need extra hours.

Most conversations about the on-demand economy focus on consumers and businesses, but workers play an important role in the process. It might not be having a dramatic impact on the way people find jobs right now, but as this new economy grows, it is going to change the way people look for work.

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