How to Become a Professional Big Data Developer in 2020

To become an expert in big data you have to master your skills on big data and hadoop related technologies. some of the important concepts are pig , Hbase, Yarn, Hive, Oozie, Hive etc. 

Master in any one of the Many Big Data Careers: 

You can specialize in any one area of Big Data, that helps you to become professional in that area of Big Data. For instance, if you have mastered Spark and Hadoop, then you can move to Big Data . master in big data through big data training


As mentioned above, there are many job opportunities in Big Data that you can specialize in and move to the next level.

Improve your Business and Communication Skills

Apart from Technical skills, your Business and Communication skills help you to level up, in your Big Data career. If you are in an important role in problem solving and strategy, then you need to spend more time in meetings with non-technical employees.

For Instance, a Big Data architect is considered as communication between the business needs, and the data. Then you have to present yourself, in a better way to the people other than your department.

It’s better to take Business classes, for a better understanding of business objectives, and to improve your presentation skills.

Join in Professional Communities

If you want to become a Professional in the Big Data field, joining in some professional communities, helps you a lot. Joining the communities is not enough, you should participate to get the best results.

As it provides you with the scope, of expanding your knowledge and network in the Big data field.

It doesn’t matter which career you are working on, you must be motivated to learn continuously, and invest in yourself to excel in your career.

In this article, I have shared many ways to become a professional in Big Data in 2020. I will share the latest updates on Big Data in my next article. learn from scratch on  big data online training

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