MindStick DataConverter is a free powerful, easy to use, must have tool for users who want single viewer capable of exporting, sorting, filtering, group by and custom query execution on data coming from different data sources like Oracle, Access, MS SQL, MS Access, Pervasive, DSNs etc. and even CSV, XML, .XLS (Excel) and HTML file(s) containing exported data.

DataConverter is useful for database users as well as for non-database users who have to deal with data, but in CSV, XML, .XLS (Excel) and HTML file format. Users can view data in easily readable grid format from all kinds of data sources and perform single or bulk non-database write modification(s), sorting, filtering and other useful operations and if needed export the data to excel, XML and HTML formats.

These exported files can be shared with users who can view these standard files with other tools and also with MindStick Data Converter users who can not only view the file in grid format but also suggest their changes, perform sort, filtering and other operations before sending it back with their input.

MindStick DataConverter is very easy to use and can be used by a simple user who is not an expert in database technology but at the same time can provide advanced options to database administrators who want to see data from different data sources in one place, save their custom connections with nick names, save their frequently used queries as query snippets and perform very powerful sorting, filtering, group by and non-database write modifications and export the results in desired format which could then be shared with other users.

MindStick DataConverter is a powerful tool which helps you to:
  1. View, Filter, Sort and Export the data from different sources (MS SQL, Oracle, Access, ODBC DSNs etc.) in one place
  2. Export the query results in HTML, CSV, XML and .XLS(Excel) format
  3. Minimize typing by saving most frequently used queries in a database as query snippets
  4. Make changes on fly in a query result grid and export it to XML, HTML, CSV or .XLS(Excel) format to communicate your suggested changes to your team members without really making the database changes.
  5. Share data which can be easily read and modified by another MindStick DataConverter user in grid format which allows filtering, sorting, group by features or any other user which can use XML, CSV or XLS(Excel) file
  6. Easily create queries to fetch records
  7. Lets you see database schema (Example - Tables) from different datasources (MS SQL, Oracle, Access, ODBC DSNs etc.) in one window.

Login window of MindStick DataConverter provide several options to retrieve information of data source so that you can perform data conversion operation. Data sources may vary according to your requirement which could be SQL Server database, access database, oracle database or even through DSN.

You can use explorer window to manage tables and query snippet by default Explorer window is visible.  List of tables are automatically populated in Explorer window if your database contains table. You can easily select the record of tables using Explorer window. Following screenshot represent explorer window and tables.

You can export data in format of XML, Excel, Html and CSV file. For
exporting data in different format you can perform these steps.
  1. Right click on output area.
  2. Select Export option from pop-up menu.
  3. Click on appropriate sub-option in which format you want to import. Click on To Excel if you want to import it in format of Excel file, click on To CSV if you want to import it in format of CSV file etc.
  4. After clicking on appropriate option Save As file dialog box appears where you can specify location and name of your file.
After performing these steps you can easily export data.
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