Here’s How You Can Sell Your Home In Winter

Here’s How You Can Sell Your Home In Winter

Selling a home in winter doesn’t seem to be a good idea because bad weather encourages buyers from venturing forth and often makes a property look dreary. However, you can still make some changes to make your home look pleasing and impressive. 

While on the other hand, if you are looking for a property to invest then go to and look for the one that fits right in your budget as they have listed many Richmond homes for sale on the website. So, if you are selling home your home in winter then consider these following things before a potential buyer visits you!

Here’s How You Can Sell Your Home In Winter

  • Clear the Path: Winter means snow and temperatures below 0 degrees. In order to attract your customers, you need to continually shovel the path through the snow. Also, scrapes the walk and steps periodically because footprints on freshly fallen snow will turn to ice if the temperature is low. If you are clearing the path, remember to do it from the street to the sidewalk so that visitors aren’t forced to crawl over snowdrifts. If possible, put a rubber mat at the front door.
  • Make it sparkle: Clean windows enhance precious daylight hours, so make sure you do it on a regular basis. Don’t forget to clean out cobwebs and dust furniture, ceiling fan blades, and light fixtures. Recaulk tubs, showers, and sinks, if possible, bleach dingy grout. Polish chrome faucets and mirrors. Along with that, wash and polish floors. Just make everything look clean and good as the buyers will surely impress from your efforts. 
  • Let in light: After you have cleaned the interiors, it’s time to open up your window shutters and blinds. Turn on every light in the house, including appliance and closet lights. For the dark rooms with no to few windows, place spotlights on the floor behind furniture. 
  • Heat it up! Make the inside temperature of your home comfortable for your respected buyer. Pump up the temperature to a degree or two warmer than usual and then set it back to normal, this will prevent the heat from kicking on when the buyer is prevented. If you have a fireplace then that’s the right time to fire it up.
  • Make a comfy mood: As you are listing your home for sale, you would want the rooms to feel warm, cozy, and inviting. Make your home look elegant by placing two champagne glasses near a champagne bucket on the coffee table in the living room. Dress your dining table ready for two. Set a breakfast tray on the bed containing a coffee cup and saucer, napkin, and reading the material in the bedroom. You can also evoke a sense of summer by placing vases with flowers around the house.
  • Play some soft music: Music is said to stabilize one’s mood and acts as a stress buster element. Keep the soft music playing around the house. If it’s the festive season, play some holiday music.
  • Go easy with the scents: As some people are allergic to particular scents and perfumes, it’s a good idea to not spray it around the house. Also, don’t burn scented candles in the bedroom for the same reason.
  • Serve winter specialties: If you want to lure the buyers, serve them hot apple cider and hot cocoa. You can even offer them creamy soups and mouth-watering stews!
  • Provide detail information: To make an impression, you can attach printed cards to items and in rooms that provide further information. If you have got some historic piece of art then you can attach a card to it that discloses its age and other important details. If you have listed your home on Team Hensley, that offers real estate in Richmond, don’t forget to mention every detail of the house that a potential buyer needs. 
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