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The trend of online shopping is changing the perspective of buyers to purchase what they want from the comfort of their home. This has affected the foot traffic of major brick and mortar stores.

Many businesses are shifting towards digital e-commerce platform to increase their potential sales and drive more audience. For new startups, creating a custom-built e-commerce website is a complicated task. Hiring the best web development company is not always a feasible option, as it requires reasonable investment. However, choosing them for your next project will save your valuable time and resources.

Choosing a pre-designed e-commerce website template is an excellent idea to save time and cost and get a website ready to launch. Among numerous popular website templates such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and PrestaShop, Shopify has emerged as the easiest and cheapest website builder tool. It allows businesses to create, install, setup, and run their online e-commerce store the way they like.

Now, the question arises, how good is Shopify for your e-commerce website development? Here are the following reasons:

Ease of Setup

In most e-commerce platforms, creating a website is an extremely difficult job. Shopify gives ease and comfort to users and prevents from encountering technical difficulties of website hosting and development. It offers cloud-hosted e-commerce solutions to users and allows them to simply signup with email, password, and store name.

The 14-day free trial setup gives Shopify a clear edge over its competitors. It enhances demand and popularity among small, medium, and large enterprises to utilize all the free tools to increase their product sales.

Free-Storefront Themes and Template Designs

A designer brand physical storefront attracts passersby and increases their curiosity to explore and buy products. Similarly, a colorful online store grabs a notice of visitors and compels for purchases. With 70 plus professional themes, businesses have transformed their static website look into dynamic and vibrant to show the stunning appeal to visitors.

Shopify has a variety of customized themes that fit right to your business requirements. The customization allows businesses to build their setting and enhance the look and feel of their online store website. From maximizing the fonts to editing the HTML and CSS, it has everything to get you covered.

Fast, Lightweight, and Reliable

For any e-commerce store website, it is necessary to be fast and quick to load for visitors. Shopify allows businesses to build a superfast website to launch and set up their e-commerce store and sell products to buyers. It offers a light-weight and easy to use website interface with a remarkable storefront display. No matter how many products businesses add to their store, it gives a quick loading speed with HTML and CSS layout.

Variety of Mobile-Friendly Apps

With the Shopify app store, businesses can find comfort and benefit from using a variety of mobile-friendly apps. Numerous varieties of apps make things easier for businesses in handling product inventory, shipping, marketing, sales, accounting, and analytical reporting. These apps are both free and paid depends on the needs and requirements of businesses.

Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is a need for every business website. There can be multiple issues arise in a website that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Shopify has a professional and dedicated team of customer support to fix website technical issues and enables businesses to smoothly run their online stores.

Payment Gateway Options

With integrated payment gateway options, Shopify simplifies this complex e-commerce website issue to allow buyers to choose any credit and cash payment option. It does not allow buyers to pay for extra fees like in third party payment gateway solutions.

Abandoned Checkout Recovery

The worst scenario many e-commerce businesses encounter is when a customer adds to cart purchase but drops out a website without checking out. It badly affects the conversion process of the e-commerce store website to fail to capture visitors and take them to the final checkout.

Shopify is an excellent website tool that uses a tracking system to follow the buying journey of a visitor and enables businesses to persuade abandoned visitors with free discount codes to complete the checkout process and convert it to customers.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are the remarkable features that add a compliment of how good is Shopify for your e-commerce website development. In the field of web development services, Full Stop Branding has paved its way to becoming the best web development company in USA. We offer a complete range of digital marketing and branding services to clients.

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