Making your email safer with Gmail

Making your email safer with Gmail

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In today’s era security is the most important factor for every person, when we transfer some files or documents through email security play essential role. In the market much email service provider claims that they provide hi-tech and amazing security features, but they can’t. But when we talk about Gmail individuals feel completely safe and secure while they use their Gmail account because it has amazing hi-tech advanced security which completely safe your data against online threat. One most important thing which user have to always keep their mind, Gmail has always supported encryption in transit using TLS, and it will automatically encrypt your incoming and outgoing emails if it can. Gmail support industry-standard authentication to help combat email impersonation. So don’t worry about your security because Gmail has the finest security features to keep your email safe and secure.

Yes, that is correct it takes at least two individual to send and receive an email. So, it’s quite essential part that other services take similar features to secure your friend and relatives messages –not just Gmail.

Unfortunately, not all email service provider do this sort of security. So this week Gmail starting this on the internet, users will see two amazing changes that highlight any affected messages:

1. So the first amazing change is if user send or receive email from that person whose email service doesn’t support the TLS encryption then user will simply lock the broken icon in the message. 

2. The second, and best change is if user receive an email from authenticated person and user will see there is a question mark in sender’s place, profile picture, company logo or avatar.

One thing which user have to understand that all emails are not dangerous but, user have to be extra careful about all emails do not reply or click any suspicious links tin messages that users are not sure about. So these are some amazing security features about Gmail, if you want any further help or want know more about this features dial our toll free helpline number +1-844-502-0074 this helpline number available 24/7 to resolve all the inquiries. So don’t hesitate to contact our professionals because they always available for your help, just pick up your phone and reach us now we happy to serve you guidance.

One more thing if user Forgot Gmail password and they looking for help to recover Gmail account then they can also contact this helpline number +1-844-502-0074 and get quick help through online remote assistance.

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