How to Find the Best Digital Torque Wrench for You

Digital Torques are a new invention in the field of fastening applications. They, with their advent, have revolutionized the usage and application of a handy tool. We can multitask using this tool, and what’s more? Digital Torque Wrench’s price is slightly above than what you pay for regular fastening tools. The device is designed for multifunction, and hence the output is usually high yielding and precise.

These torque wrenches perform digitally enhanced functions of a mechanical tool, which makes it different from the other options available. But most of us still fuss over the credibility and durability of this equipment.

Every now and then we get to hear questions such as :

Do these digital torque wrenches really function well? Are there any real benefits of using a digital torque wrench? How to find the best fitted digital torque wrenches? 

To satiate your curiosity about the practical benefits of these wrenches, here is a full list of all the prominent functions performed by these torque wrenches which would determine your selection:


The first quality on which the range of these torque wrenches depends over is the precision it gives while showing the reading. To judge your options, always look for the torque wrenches with an accuracy of -2 to +2 in both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction.


There are several wrenches of this type offering unidirectional property. But to scavenge the latest digital torque wrenches, always check the bi-directional opportunity it provides. The torque wrenches come with the option of choosing both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.


Always choose a soft handle with a smooth grip while handling your torque wrench. This handle plays an essential role in balancing when the usage of high torque is needed.


The digital torque wrenches are laden with several multipurpose alerts such as LED signals, buzzer alarms, vibrating bodies, etc. to specify the level of torque achieved. This can also serve as an alarm to the overcharged level, which is capable of damaging the functional parts of the wrench.


Most of the conventional torque wrenches provide you with a single regular scale to measure the level of torque achieved. They can either provide you with the meter scale of Newton Metres of an empirical range of Pounds system. However, these digital torque wrenches are manufactured with the digitally enhanced and precise multiple modes of measurement. This ensures the accuracy of the torque level reached and produces an accurate reading.


Apart from these apparent parameters to check the right torque wrench for yourself, there are several external and less-worthy parameters as well to check up on your chosen pieces. You can check the external overlook of the wrench as well as the manner of packaging. A well-maintained wrench must be packed in a hard and safe storage case with no-damage assures. Secondly, you can also consider qualities such as a charge indicator or an indicator to show whether the wrench is working or not.

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