Use a modded Minecraft server to have the ultimate gaming experience

Use a modded Minecraft server to have the ultimate gaming experience

Minecraft is a popular adventure video game. Hundreds of game lovers are now attracted to it. Thus, the game has gained immense popularity across the world. It was released in 2011 and was created by Markus Persson – a renowned Swedish game developer. The game allows people to mine blocks and craft those blocks as they like to do it. In this 3D gaming world, each of the players reveals their creativity in exploring, gathering resources, crafting the cubes and then combating against rival players. Multi-player versions and multiple gaming modes are available. However, as of 2018, approximately 91 million players get active every month and the number is increasing every day. Being considered as one of the most famous online video games, over 171 million copies have been sold worldwide across online platforms and devices.

Use a modded Minecraft server to have the ultimate gaming experience

What is a modded Minecraft server?

You can host your own Minecraft server on your personal computer. Several types of online Minecraft servers are available. You just need to choose the suitable one according to your requirements. For example, you can choose modded Minecraft server hosting services. You will get a custom-built control panel that allows you a simple one-click installation. You can manage all the files and folders wherever you want to keep them. Among the 400 exclusive modpacks, you can choose your suitable one. AtLaunch, Forge, Twitch, Technic, FTB, Voids Wrath – these are the most popular modpacks that people desire to get. Some of these services are completely free. You just need to request a support ticket to the customer service center, and they are able to add it to your personal directory free of charge.

The advantages of having a modded server hosting:

With the modded Minecraft services, you will get access to unlimited slots on your personal server. But you should have the accommodation of sufficient resources. These packages can easily be upgraded whenever you want to. Any modifications can be done when you feel like your server is lacking in. Also, no data will be lost.

You will get the support to install multiple modpacks and no need to buy extra VPS for additional servers. It’s as simple as just clicking on the buttons. Setting up the server has become simpler now. Just after purchasing the modded server, you can log in to it within a few more minutes. All of the modded servers are completely secured by professional DDoS that ensures 100% safety. You will get access to the entire server, its files and other documents. Anything can be easily edited either through the custom built-in control panel or by FTP. Also, you can select the full usage of RCON and ROOT and the other applications.

When you purchase a server, you will get a free domain where you can easily run your server without paying an extra amount yearly or monthly.

Maybe you have a server before signing up with the modded hosting services and still are using the services. Then you can get the chance to freely transfer all the existing files on the particular platform for a simpler hosting service and you will not lose the existing progress you have done.

If you choose the best Minecraft server, you will have the possibility to own the custom launcher that you can use for several aspects to increase the professionality of your server. Modded minecraft server hosting allows you to add your required mods of the server to the custom launcher. As a result, if a player uses your launcher, he/she needs to have all the mods to join your server.

Customizing everything of the launcher – starting from the colors and the overall looks to the design and the button functionality – you can do anything you want to. You can directly set up the launcher connected to the modded server. Now, you don’t need to have the list of the servers and Minecraft players.

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