Why Build Links to Your SaaS Webmosite?

Why Build Links to Your SaaS Webmosite?

Have you ever wondered “How do I get more traffic? How do I get more people to purchase more software? How do I make my website more popular?” If you run a software as a service website of your own, you probably have asked yourself at least one of those questions at some point. 

And in this article, I will be telling you a little bit about backlinks, also known as inbound links or one-way links, why you should be getting more of them and how to do so. 

Let’s begin by answering the most obvious question.

What Is a Backlink?

Why Build Links to Your SaaS Webmosite?

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your own resource. See it this way: a site has a link to your page while your page has a backlink from another site. It’s quite simple.

Not only is it simple, but it is also quite important. Why? Because Google views backlinks as proof that your content is good and worthy of attention. Basically, it works like this: the more websites have linked to your resource, the higher your site will rank in Google as well as other search engines. 

Also, links from different sites bring different amounts of value to you. Links from high authority sites like Forbes or The Washington Post are much more valuable than links from tiny blogs that have only just started out on the Internet. It’s pretty straightforward in that regard as well. 

Another factor that affects a backlink’s value is its anchor text. If your backlink contains your target keyword in its anchor text, it’s generally better and will help you rank higher. 

Next up is relevance. In order for a backlink to make sense, it needs to come from a resource that is about the same topic or at least is in the same field as your site. It wouldn’t make much sense for an oil industry site to link to a berry foraging guide. However, a link from a mechanic blog to a car wheel store would be perfectly acceptable. 

Also, it matters if the resource has linked to you more than once. The more consecutive times you receive a backlink from the same resource, the less value they start bringing to you. 

And lastly, there are the “nofollow” attribute links. Search engine algorithms completely ignore those and they won’t help you rank higher. Typically forums, blog comments, and message boards apply that attribute to the links you post there. But even though search engines don’t pay any attention to them, people reading your posts and comments still do! So even though they aren’t as important as backlinks from high-authority websites, you shouldn’t ignore them.

Now that we’ve talked about what backlinks are and what makes a strong backlink, let’s take a look at how to acquire them. 

Most of the time, during your link building process you will have to reach out to people and communicate with them. It sounds simple enough, but when it comes to asking people that don’t know you for something it can be a little bit of a challenge. 

How To Build Backlinks?

Why Build Links to Your SaaS Webmosite?

First and foremost, you WILL need something that is worthy of linking. That means that you will need to write a few good pieces of content to start getting backlinks.

  1.  The first, and also the surest way of acquiring backlinks is guest posting. The premise is extremely straightforward: you write an article for another resource and they link back to your own site in return. While not being the fastest nor easiest way of getting backlinks, it is probably the surest.
  2. Next up is a process known as broken link building. Pages die or get deleted all of the time, and you can take advantage of it. If you find a page that links to a dead article that you just so happen to have a replacement for, you’re more than likely to get that backlink if you approach the site owner and introduce them to your own content. Also, you can use crawling tools to find all of the sites that link to that dead page, which means you can get multiple backlinks with a single piece of content. It just has to fill that hole.
  3. Also, you can straight up steal backlinks from inferior websites if your content is more complete or superior in any way. For example, if a site is linking to a mediocre guide on something that you have covered more extensively, you can email the owner of that site and offer your content instead. It will more than likely work.
  4. Repurposing your own content can also work quite well. For example, if you have a beast article with tons of information, you can chop it up and turn those bits into YouTube videos. Place a link to your original site in the description and voila! You’ve got yourself a backlink.
  5. And finally, there are the forums, blog comments, and message boards. Take part in discussions, answer questions and plug your blog in comments. There’s one downside to this though: most links created that way will have the “nofollow” attribute. But, as I said before, they’re still worth building!  

Why Build Links to Your SaaS Webmosite?

Most of the time, during your link building process you will have to reach out to people and communicate with them. It sounds simple enough, but when it comes to asking people that don’t know you for something it can be a little bit of a challenge. You will need to write a good outreach email if you want to get any sort of response. I won’t get into it in this article, but I highly advise that you take a look at this guide on blogger outreach for some tips, tricks and common mistakes that people make during this process or just turn to professionals like Outreach Mama to do the job for you.

Hope I Helped! 

I hope this little article has cleared things up for you regarding backlinks and why you should be getting more of them. Until next time and stay tuned for more! 

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