Python Programming Language - iConnect Solution

Python Programming Language - iConnect Solution

Python is an interpreted and object oriented programming language. This language is widely used in general purpose and high level programming. It is a major language used in web application and an ace player in the explosion of big data analytics and machine intelligence.

It was released in 1991 and created by Guido van Rossum. Python helped a big time for the programmers to write logical codes for projects of all sizes. It is also called ‘batteries included’ language because of its inclusive library.

Python is designed to be straightforward. Its simplicity makes it easier for the new coders to keep up with it swiftly. Python’s easy to learn syntax emphasizes to understand and decrease the maintenance cost of the program. So now developers think more about the problem than the coding complexities itself.

Right now Python is running on every major platform. It is not the fastest language out there but its adaptability covers this for it. It can be used to create highly professional software and work with the same traits on website platforms.

Most of the programmers like it for its productivity. The test and change debug cycle is so quick without any compilation hectic.

Python is basically used as automation and scripting functions. As data analysis has become the fastest growing area of Information Technology. Python is becoming the super star language in this sector. Major data science and machine learning have Python interfaces. It is considered as the most high level command interface for machine learning. From modules to libraries everything is an object in Python which makes it easier to create fully functional sites with just a few lines of codes.

Right now on all the major internet giants including services like Google and Youtube all are running heavily on Python.

Youtube contains over 1 million lines of python codes. Well the foundation of Youtube is PHP but it was replaced by Python in several months after its launch. The strength of Python at Youtube is that it makes it hassle-free to modify and implement new ideas.

According to Cuong Do, Software Architect at YouTube, 'Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce features that can be maintained in record time, with a minimum of developers.'

Its portability across operating systems is also one of the reasons why developers love this language. With its newest and more future proof version Python 3, this language is only getting better. It is expected to be used more heavily on the online platforms with its new more advanced updates which will make it more fast and usable.

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