A Reason and Treatment Measure to Easily Solve the Problem of Impact Rock Crusher Blockage!

Material blocking is one of the common failures in the impact rock crusher. In the production process, once the material is blocked, the equipment will be forced to stop, wasting a lot of time to clean up the accumulation and affecting the efficiency of the entire production line. So, what are the specific reasons for the materials block and how to deal with this situation? 

Feeding too much at one time is too easy to choke, and the same is true of the HXJQ impact rock crusher machine with excellent performance. When the impact crusher feeds too much and too fast, it will be too late to crush and discharge the materials, which will cause a blockage.

Solution: In the feeding process, pay attention to the deflection angle of the ammeter pointer. When the feeding is large, the pointer that breaks the ammeter will be larger. When the rated current of the machine is exceeded, overload operation will be caused. In this kind of scenario, too long working time will cause the material to block or even burn the motor of the machine. When this kind of scenario occurs, it is necessary to immediately reduce the feeding amount and adjust it by adjusting the feeding machine.

  Modified On Nov-29-2019 12:38:26 AM

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