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5 Best Monitor Mounts for Gamers You Must Know About

5 Best Monitor Mounts for Gamers You Must Know About

John David 694 28-Nov-2019

Being a gamer means having to invest in quality computer parts, visually pleasing exteriors and even desks and monitor mounts for a better gaming experience. You should have good graphics, big monitors, and a comfortable chair. You know what else? A high quality monitor mount to like this Jestik Amazon Monitors.

There are some people who have difficulty in viewing their monitors when playing because of the wrong or improper use. This is where monitor mounts come in. It is designed to give gamers a more convenient viewing through its ability to be adjusted in the preferred angle. There are many brands out there in the market but check out the best ones below!

● Jestik Amazon Monitors

Jestik offers a variety of single or dual monitor mounts with an ergonomic design. Each one varies in mounting configurations, seamlessly rotates to both landscape and portrait, and adjusts easily. It has an integrated cable management system to organize and/or conceal cables for a more visually pleasing gamestation. Jestik monitor mounts are also designed to have durable construction, secure stability and a nice looking exterior. It’s like buying style and function in one!

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● Vivo Single LCD Monitor Desktop Mount Stand

This premium monitor mount uses gas spring arm that is fully adjustable to your preference. It fits with 27-inch LCD monitor and can handle your monitor perfectly and securely. This takes only a few minutes to install and you’re good to go.

● North Bayou Full Motion Desk Mount

Similar to Vivo, it also uses gas spring arm that moves seamlessly to any position to meet your preferred angle. This is ideally best for 17-27 inch flat panel screen and monitors. It is made of premium quality material, making it stable and durable even when you rotate it to landscape mode.

● AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

To give you ease in using this when you play, the AmazonBasics mount allows you to extend, rotate and tilt to any angle and degree you want. It can be used for 32-inch monitors, or smaller. When you buy this, you will have a 1-year limited warranty so you don’t have to worry.

● Mount-It! MI-705 Height- Adjustable Computer Monitor Desk Mount Stand

This is a heavy duty monitor mount that is best for 13-inch to 30-inch monitors. It can be adjusted to meet your preferred angle and level as it can be tilted, swiveled and rotated with ease. It comes with a VESA plate face that helps in easy installation making it easier for each user.

Most of the monitor mounts available in the market vary in size and have different capabilities and features. But they all have one goal: to create a better experience for gamers. The best way to ensure that you get the best of the best is to do your research and ask for experts’ opinion. You can ask your fellow gamers for recommendations, as well. So get to work and make your gamestation the best one there is!

Updated 28-Nov-2019
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