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What Is Pasture-Raised? How Are Cattle Grass-Fed In Winter?

What Is Pasture-Raised? How Are Cattle Grass-Fed In Winter?

Anderson Walker900 28-Nov-2019

Pasture-raised dairy is the farming practice of making the cows graze outside and spend as much time outside as possible. It means farmers give their cows green grass that is full of nutrition every day in the grazing season that ranges from 120 days to 200 days a year.     

Fresh air and grass for Vietnam Holstein Friesian cattle livestock or other cattle breeds are as good as the air and fresh vegetables for people. The pasture-raised livestock raises the organic grass as it is not treated with any synthetic fertilizers. 

What Is Pasture-Raised? How Are Cattle Grass-Fed In Winter?

Why quality farmers go for pasture-raised?

From generation, we have seen cows grazing outside in a field in the fresh air, walking around the pasture and eating the grass as much as she wants to; that makes the cows happier and healthier. These all characteristics are there if you are looking to import livestock into Vietnam as healthy and happy cows produce better-tasting in milk and also produce more nutritious milk. 

Why pasture?

  • Animals are very friendly and great and if they live stress-free and healthy lives, it will be great for you as they produce good quality milk. The reputed and great farmers let them let the dairy animals like goats, cattle, horses, etc. what they want to do: roam and graze the fields.
  • The research has proven that more grass that cow eats while roaming around the field will get translated into a higher level of beneficial conjugated linoleic acids and omega-3 as compared to conventional milk and the milk tastes better. That is why Australian dairy cattle exporters export the best breed.
  • Pasture-raised cow milk is also great for the environment as it fosters sustainability and healthy soil. These types of farming also tend to increase biodiversity, fostering a healthier community of insects and pollinators.

What Is Pasture-Raised? How Are Cattle Grass-Fed In Winter?

So, in winter what grass-fed cows in eat-in winters?

The farmers feed cattle with dry forage like birdsfoot trefoil, orchardgrass, rye, timothy grass, meadow fescue, herbs, etc. Fermented grass, has micronutrients and healthy bacteria as well as supplements i.e organic-approved for a balanced diet.

So, look for a dairy breed that is pasture-raised, ask your questions before buying your lovable cattle breed. If you want the best quality breed than visit the number one and leading livestock exporters i.e Australia Livestock Exporters. They are in the market for many years are known for exporting top quality breeds.

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Updated 28-Nov-2019

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