What is a VPN tunnel?

What is a VPN tunnel?

An encrypted link between your computer or other device and networks is called a VPN tunnel. When you are connected to the VPN through the internet, it makes tunnel-like encryption around the data packs your device transmits. Technically it is created by VPN, but the encryption is not strong enough to withstand interference and intercepting Government agencies or ISPs. The profoundness of the encryption of the tunnel depends on the type of tunneling protocol used to encapsulate and encrypt the data packs to and from endpoints.

The encrypted data packs are encapsulated in a VPN tunnel. To understand encapsulation in simple terms, take this example. If a political refugee takes shelter in a confidential place in another country and tries to contact a key person in the homeland, how will he do that? He writes his message in a postcard with the address of the intended person, then put it in an envelope with the address of an aide and post it. The aide receives the envelope, put a local stamp on the postcard, and post it to the final recipient of the letter. The origin of the letter remains undetected as it bears the local stamp on the postcard.

The process of putting the postcard in the envelope is comparable to encapsulating. When this is done to data on the internet, a virtual private network tunnel is created called VPN tunneling. Encrypting the mater of the envelope makes it private and confidential. To make it more secure and private, encrypting the message of the postcard is essential. So the sender and recipient can read and understand it. With growing morale, police attitude and regulation, internet freedom and security is at stake. VPNs are becoming more popular for its capability to evade Government policies and regional blocked websites and services.

Summing up
OpenVPN which have strong encoding texture and is capable of bypassing firewall is the best tunneling protocol to keep your data safe and secure. PPTP is the fastest one but with security threats. SSTP is only comparable with windows but very secure.L2TP is slower due to heavy 256-bit encryption. A reputed and good VPN provider offers at least these four types of the tunneling protocol. A good VPN 台灣 service is run with skill, reliability, and precision to give you privacy protection and optimized service. They are committed to your satisfaction, safety, and security. Systems and policies are designed to protect you from online surveillance.

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