Why is Online Brand Protection Indispensable for an Organization?

What is Online Brand Protection?

In the digital world, online brand protection goes way beyond setting up firewalls or installing anti-virus software. It demands employees to be aware of threat postures related to cybersecurity and acquainted with circumstances to react to cyber frauds and attacks that are happening online.

There are various ways one can ensure brand protection online. It includes taking down the social media profiles and the websites with your company’s logo that are being misused to compromise with the customer trust and organizational stability.

For an organization, its brand is the most valuable asset. The brand name of an organization is the most essential factor in attracting customers to the business. However, it’s a big attack vector to the adversaries.

Various cyber threat actors abuse brand trust to dupe your customers and partners via phishing, and counterfeiting products. Brand protection is a “must-have” security preventive measure to defend your organization against cyber threat actors who impersonate brands on the internet.

Why is it Necessary to Have Brand Protection Online?

It is quite a responsibility to ensure that your brand is across the continually multiplying number of digital channels. Whereas, it is even more daunting to monitor your brand with the convolution of increasing online threats.

According to the global counterfeiting report 2018, the amount of total global counterfeiting reached up to $1.2 Trillion in 2017 and is expected to reach up to $ 1.82 Trillion by the year 2020. The analysis made in the report also stated that Luxury Brands’ loss accounted to $30.3 billion.

A brand of an organization can be exploited in various ways. The above-mentioned stats are the proven facts of ways through which brand exploitation is increasing day by day. Certainly phishing attacks are the root cause of misuse of any brand and this is why online brand protection is critical.

Every organization must look out for its brand from being misrepresented or misused as an identity for sending fraudulent messages. These bogus activities further lead to massive financial ruins. With this ever-evolving spectrum of fraudulent activities, from phishing to malware attack to brand impersonation and much more; a comprehensive brand protection solution is essential for your organization.

Three Best Brand Protection Solutions

1. Defend your Brand:

Step up for your brand by taking actions against brand impersonation or brand counterfeiting. Even a trivial misuse of your brand should not be ignored because that would only encourage brand violation. Use a pro-active defense and resolute enforcement action when required.

2. Let your customers know:

Put an end on fraudulent online experiences that involves your brand. Letting your customers know that you care about their online experiences with your brand, encourages them to trust working with you.

3. Think of the most important factor:

Brand protection works better when the mechanisms of detection, prevention and response are designed properly to secure your brand. It is only possible when a conventional cybersecurity tool is implemented in the organization to monitor your online brand protection.

Several tools detect phishing and fraudulent activities of websites and domains. Tools like KPMonitor are specially designed to monitor phishing activity of websites, mobile applications and domains. It is the first product to offer online brand protection in India. This tool is designed and developed to reduce the exponential rise of counterfeiting and copyright business. In the end, it is important to work across the organizational boundaries to effectively safeguard your brand.

Why is Online Brand Protection Indispensable for an Organization?

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