Livestock Exports and Their Importance to the World

Livestock Exports and Their Importance to the World

As we all know that Australia is a leading export nation with a history of producing high quantities of fiber and food globally. Nowadays, the amount of dairy product production overseas, as well as consumers across the world, have confidence in it, knowing it's safe, free of disease and high in quality.

In the past few decades, international livestock export companies have become increasingly important as a way for Australian food products to get to overseas consumers. Also the livestock export today has grown substantially and into a sustainable Australian industry that makes up a significant proportion of Australia's agricultural exports and makes a major contribution to the economy and social fabric of the nation.

Livestock Exports and Their Importance to the World

In addition to that, the numerous farming families and their communities are heavily reliant on the livestock export industry for their livelihoods. The industry employs more than 10,000 people across Australia, with many of those individuals living in rural and regional areas. Well, these numbers are not randomly made up of livestock producers and livestock exporters; it's also made of veterinarians, stock agents, truck drivers, and many more people that are employed by the trade.

Moreover, the Australian export industry is also important because it ensures that Australian livestock producers have a range of markets to sell their animals, making sure they get a good price for the animals they work hard to produce. As for the industry, it is very important to provide a market for those in remote areas without access to abattoirs. It is essential and particularly important for cattle producers in the northern regions of Australia.

Livestock Exports and Their Importance to the World

For this particular reason, any restriction of Australia's involvement in international livestock exports can have consequences on the individuals that the industry usually offers. The Malaysia dairy cow exporters from Australia also play a key role in ensuring the food security of the countries. Also by fully exporting animals overseas, Australian livestock exporters and producers fulfill a major need for essential dairy products in other countries. 

The live export industry is focused on ensuring Australia's animals are well cared for and that the industry meets the standards that Australian farmers, as well as livestock exporters too. Live sheep and live cattle exports are highly sought after overseas and are exported by licensed live exporters. The live export care website provides information to the community about initiatives to improve welfare throughout the live export industry.

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