Grow Your Blog from 0 to 10K with SEO

Grow Your Blog from 0 to 10K with SEO

Blogging is a very popular online method of getting views for your ideas and is one of the most common means of attracting attention on the internet.

A blog is nothing but a simple platform, a website that allows you to put up material about anything you like, or wish to discuss with people online. It can be managed by an individual or a group of people, who may use an SEO agency in order to get their views across the millions who are using the internet, to all those who are interested in reading about them.

The Relevance of SEO

Simply putting up information about a topic on the internet will not work. It will be lost amongst the material that the 36 million other blogs on the internet are putting up. You need to do them one better and beat them in the race to get quality traffic. And it can be done. Not easy, but possible. You can put up content that makes it to shore, instead of sinking in the vast ocean of similar content.

And that is where SEO services come in. They will ensure that you get the results you are aiming for. Using a variety of techniques that will optimize your blog in a way that it will be chosen by any search engine to be displayed in the top-ranked organic results.

Bloggers Aiming Big

Forget using a SEO consultant. You can make your blog more attractive to traffic by following a few easy and effective tips. We have made a list of things that will enable you to optimize your own content using SEO yourself.

• Keywords: anyone with a little knowledge about search results will be familiar with the term. It basically refers to the specific terms that the search algorithms look for in any content when displaying results. Make sure that you use free online tools like Google’s keyword planner or even the search console on any search engine.

Once you know about what topic people are talking about these days, you can put up an article about that. Make sure that you include the key terms, otherwise, it won’t be recognized by the search, and your effort will bear no fruit. Keep provided fresh and trending content like this, and soon you will have the traffic you are aiming for. 

  • Niche: now that you know how to find topics to write about, you need to select a proper niche in which you will be operating. You cannot be writing about all of the topics trending today, so identify the one on which you have the strongest grip. An ideal niche would be something that has the potential to attract attention, for example, electric cars is a topic that is being considered by many people, and has gained public interest. Secondly, there should not be much competition; electric cars are not popular yet, so there are not many people writing about it. If you fulfil these two conditions, it will easily help you attract more readers. 

• Know the field: once you have the topic and topic area sorted out, you need to know about any new developments in the area and write about that. It is easy if the topic is your passion and you have enough material to put a creative and informative blog post. Keeping in step with new trends in your niche will allow you to stay on top of the game and get noticed by the people, the search engine and other companies.

• Be responsive: it is not just content that will gain you clicks. You need to think about sustainable blog growth. Therefore, keep in mind what the public wants to know about in your niche, rather than what you want to tell them. Sites like Quora and Reddit are very useful when it comes to this aspect of blogging. Make sure that your posts are interactive and people can discuss with you. A personal touch never goes amiss, especially when you are aiming to get more followers.

• Publicity: once again, you need more than great material to attract people. Make sure that you use social media sites, backlinks, and put up information that is good enough to be shared by your followers. These all factors are important in promoting a blog that does not rely on paid adverts to get traffic.

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