App Trends: Games, Safety, and AI

App Trends: Games, Safety, and AI

User-friendliness and personalized approach are actual for a few years already. So let’s check what is waiting for those who uses gadgets in future.

Progress of Artificial Intelligence

Apps are comprehending behavior of a man and work with recommendations that are customized for each person. ML will perform tasks automatically to decrease the influence of the human factor and it’s eager to perform analyses of large amount of information with no human penetrance in a work progress.

This year, number of humans that have smartphones or tablets is counting billions, and it logically causes the growth of app development on official online stores and makes it one of the most dynamically growing sphere. And it is quite natural that AI development also rises and becomes more customized for user’s goals.

Instant Applications Will Remove Downloaded Ones from The Top

Instant Apps are not an idea anymore. They are actually performed into reality thanks to Android developers. This technique solution gives us an ability to use all the functions the chosen application has but do not download it. You do not have to spend time while reading reviews of each app or waste the space of the memory on your device downloading apps to try them. You can try it in instant form-factor and then buy if it suites your expectations.

Thus, it is planned to spend memory in devices rationally because is limited and almost always is lacked. Though, there are some problems with instant application development. And the biggest one is that no huge graphics can be used in such apps. But we hope that developers will surely fix that problem in nearby future.

So, we have bad news for gamers – complicated games with the most up-to-date graphics can be difficult to experiment with instant applications. But for gambling, it’s just a find! And such applications will soon appear on gambling aggregators, for example, at bingosweets. Other aggregators and casinos won’t stay apart also so users may appreciate the convenience of such approach in mobile apps.

Cloud technologies

How are mobile devices connected to the clouds? Many mobile applications only work with connected Internet. Therefore, they can use logic that is not located on the phone, but located somewhere on the servers - this saves device resources. Using that technology of data storage, you can operate with data quickly and make it easier. Besides, it is a real economy of mobile device memory and storage.

Use it for your routine tasks - it is important for businessmen, who can easily integrate all the commercial information thanks to the 'clouds'. Optimization of repetitive operations leads to a significant reduction in hosting costs and equipment, expand the capabilities of your applications.

But one of the main advantages is the ability to access on multiple platforms.


Safety of your data on mobile gadgets is a real must. No matter what kind of programs you are developing. The threat of disclosing personal data is real, but most users do not even think about it. At the same time, if there is a choice between an application that protects data and is safe for a smartphone or a similar application that does not provide such protection, the user will prefer the first option.

That is why the integrated security features (authorization, encryption) in mobile development are required. Take care of your reputation.

In 2019, mobile applications will become even more personalized and user-oriented. This is largely due to simplified application design, AI, and machine learning. It is necessary to remember the security of the application for users: be sure to test it for vulnerabilities. Do not let carelessness or the desire to save money cross out all development efforts.

New methods of monetization with proper use can give a real increase in the profitability of the application, which can be invested in its further growth and development of new chips.

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