What kind of e-Visa Required to Visit India

What kind of e-Visa Required to Visit India

Planning for an amazing trip to India .but  have you book right type of visa for Indian trip. As per survey by National Tourist agency of India (NTGI)  Out of Rejected Visa application  the primary reason of visa Application Denial is that applicant choose wrong visa type ,category  of visa .

Different people have different motive to visit India , as India is global Marketplace , an Good center of Ayurveda treatment as well as modern medical treatment , No doubt in that It is a world class travel destination for people from all over globe .

Different Types of available  E-Visa to India

E-tourist Visa India - As name suggest this type of visa for travel and tourist purpose  in India person on Indian tourist e -visa can travel, attending parties , visit tourist destinations, attend cultural events , get together in India. Special permission needed to visit some secured bordered areas of countries by local authorities

E-Business Visa India - This type of visa allowed  you perform all business related activities which are legal in India. you are allowed to attend Business events , meetings , workshops, trade in India, hire resources in India.

E-Medical Visa for India - Medical e-Visa to India allow you to take medical treatment or short terms medical courses in India  for critical illness as per needed. medical visa allow you to join yoga classes , natural thereby classes or to get operated by surgeons in India . Two medical attendant visa application are required with one medical e visa 

E-Conference India Visa - E-conference visa is needed to attend conference workshop , events , training classes  in India. conference visa must required conference invitations letter from host to apply 

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mark kevin

mark kevin

India e visa is must required document to visit India . intentional travelers can travel India with different motives to travel under respected categories of e visa urgent e visa India E -tourism visa E-business visa E-medical visa


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