Overview of Vaginal Rejuvenation - Intimate Surgery- Laser Skin Care

Overview of Vaginal Rejuvenation - Intimate Surgery- Laser Skin Care

The term “vaginal rejuvenation surgery” in simple words means plastic surgery of female genital parts. This is a cosmetic surgery that has many procedures namely Vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction and many more. Firstly let us discuss the need for Surgery Vaginal Rejuvenation in Dubai. Women go through childbirth, hormonal activity change, and aging process. They complain about vaginal laxity which results from stretching and separating of muscles, loss of vaginal lubrication and a decrease in erotic sensation. These experiences can decrease their quality of life and contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Vaginoplasty tightens up a vagina that has become slack or loose. Some surgeons claim that it can even improve sensitivity.

Labiaplasty surgery is done to change the size and shape of the labia (the “lips' surrounding the vagina). It can be of labia major, the outer vaginal lips, or the labia minor, the inner vaginal lips.

Clitoral hood reduction means removal of extra folds that create a bulge that is exaggerated when the labia minor are reduced surgically, and a clitoral hood reduction can improve the balance.

The vaginal rejuvenation procedure includes the removal of extra mucosal skin from the backside of the vagina. When it is determined that how much skin is to be tightened, it is marked and the extra skin is surgically removed from inside the vagina. The outcome is a tightened vaginal canal and the removed mucosal skin.

The patients may take one to two weeks to recover from this surgery. Also, there is no tampon use or intercourse for eight weeks. The role of media is undoubtedly important in popularizing this treatment with women in the upper class. You should consult only reputed surgeons of vaginal tightening in Dubai for the above procedure.

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