Ways To Apply For Permanent Residence In Canada

Ways To Apply For Permanent Residence In Canada

People who want to explore more opportunities, expand their business to other countries, and aspire to expand their experience of living and working in different countries look for the procedure of permanent residence.

Canada is a land of opportunity where a person can get a lot of ways to grow financially and academically. Canada provides the facility of permanent residence to a foreigner under some strict rules and regulation. A person who received permanent residence in Canada gets all the economic benefits that are provided to the citizen of Canada. The process to apply for the permanent residence of Canada contains some legal formalities and a lot of paperwork. A legal expert can help in fulfilling all the required paperwork. Different agencies help you to get permanent residence under specific programs.

Eligibility to apply for the permanent residence in Canada

To apply for the permanent residence, Canada government required two things necessarily.

  • The person must possess at least three years of work experience in 3 years before applying.
  • Most countries, including Canada, required your fluency on language English test that is cleared through an online test, IELTS. You must have the certificate of the required language that shows your ability in 4 sections that are Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. 

Program under which, a person can apply for the permanent residency

Express entry program: This is a special program to collect a pool of passionate and efficient people. This is an online procedure which completes in four steps. In step 1, the person required to register and create a profile online on the portal of express entry. There is a deadline for the application submission. In step 2, applications are examined for further procedure. In step 3, the person who ranks the highest received ITA. These ranks are provided based on their score in CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The applicant needs to go through this test during their application submission. Step 4 is the final process, where the applicant shortlists for the permanent residence visa.

Different categories apply under Express Entry Program for Permanent Residence

Federal Skilled Worker Program: This program is for skilled workers who possess the experience from different countries. The person must have experience in working job groups that are Managerial Jobs, Professional Jobs, Technical jobs and skilled trades. Every program required marks to pass the selection procedure. After meeting the entire eligibility criterion, the skilled worker program needed 67 points to give.

Federal Skilled Trade Program: Every company required skilled and efficient people to work. These people eventually help in the country’s economic development. Following this spirit, the Canadian government introduced a Skilled Trade program. This program also has different eligibility parameters that include work experience, language fluency, job requirement, and most important skillset. These factors affect the candidate’s eligibility for the Federal Skilled Trade program. A candidate is appropriately assessed before providing PR.

Canadian Experience Class: This program allows individuals to apply for PR who have worked for at least one year in Canada. Let’s say, you are studying in Canada for the last two years then you may apply for the PR under CEC program through express entry. Your one year of working experience will only be considered if you have gained the work experience after your graduation. Experience that you gained during graduation won’t be considered.

In today’s time, opportunities are countless. You need to understand your interest and practice your skill, so you may easily prove your worth through different designed program for permanent residence. There are various consultant firms available online for the support of the people who are looking to do business in Canada, want to study, or wish to settle permanently. A person who is looking for any of these options must take the guidance, so there won’t be any confusion during application procedure.

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