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Is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

Is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

Ramona Vega 725 02-Nov-2019

It is a very frequent question that arises many times, that downloading YouTube videos is legal. And this question is very obvious because YouTube wouldn’t allow users to save videos to the device.

Well, I would like to answer this question!! 

It is not legal to download videos from YouTube using third-party apps or websites. Doing so opens you up to potential copyright infringements if it is not in the public domain, or you don’t have the permission from the owner. 

Worry not!! 

YouTube allows some tools to download videos through its web service and its own apps. 

How to download YouTube videos?

If you are looking for the way to download YouTube videos to mp3 mp4  in legalize way then here the solution for you. The superior quality and extremely high-speed downloading services are definitely within your approach.

Step by step methods to convert YouTube video in any format

1. Copy the link of the video you want to download

2. Paste the link of the video in the search field of which is the best free youtube to mp3 converter

3. Click the convert video button 

4. Choose the format you want to download 

5. Hit the download button and start downloading 

The main features of YtbTo Video Converter as: 

1. Reliable functionality

2. Excellent speed quality 

3. No prior registration 

4. No need to install extra app or software

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