Upgrading To Toyota Tacoma LED Headlights

If you are looking to give your Tacoma a more modern look, or you have burnt out one of the stock headlight bulbs, it’s a perfect time to consider upgrading to quality LED headlights. The stock halogen lights that come with Tacomas produce a yellowish light output that isn’t a good look. Upgrading to Toyota Tacoma LED Headlights will provide cool white light instead with a much brighter output.

At Diode Dynamics, our team is dedicated to engineering the highest performance LED lights for your truck. Our SL1 headlights have been engineered to provide far more light output than any stock halogen headlights. Unlike many LED upgrade kits on the market, our lights are designed to work perfectly with your headlights’ optics, aligning the LEDs in the same location as the OEM bulb’s filament. Each of our lights is manufactured and tested here at our facility in St. Louis to ensure superior quality and performance compared to other imported options on the market. 

When it comes to installing our SL1 headlights on your Tacoma, the process is incredibly simple. These trucks are one of the easiest vehicles to upgrade to LED headlights and the process is the same as replacing the stock halogen bulbs. Simply remove the original halogen bulb from the housing and disconnect it from the socket. Then insert the connector into the socket and simply insert the new LED headlight bulb into the housing. 

  The passenger side bulbs will be slightly obscured by the wiper fluid reservoir, but the replacement process can be completed without needing to remove this reservoir. Once you have completed the process, reconnect the battery and test the bulbs. If any bulbs do not function, try flipping the connection in the socket to ensure the proper polarity. For a clear explanation of this process, you can search “How to Install 2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma Headlight LEDs | Diode Dynamics” on YouTube to watch a member of our team walk you through the installation. 

We have designed our SL1 bulbs to last for over 40,000 hours. Compared to the 400 to 1000 average lifespan of a halogen bulb, this is a pretty dramatic upgrade. If you used your headlights for 10 hours a day, which is far more than the average driver, your Toyota Tacoma LED headlights would last nearly 11 years while halogen bulbs would be lucky to last three months. This incredible lifespan is also guaranteed for the first three years by our worry-free warranty.  

If you are ready to upgrade the headlights on your truck, Diode Dynamics’ Toyota Tacoma LED Headlights are second to none. With the long lifespan of our SL1 bulbs, these lights will last the lifetime of your truck. You can order your new bulbs online or use our website to find an authorized dealer in your area. Our website also contains information about all of our high performance LED products, so pay us a visit today to learn more about LED upgrades for your vehicle.  

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