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Best ERP for School Management

Best ERP for School Management

Raju Shahi 900 30-Oct-2019

Undoubtedly, good school management is a stepping stone towards progressive institutional goals. Not just it builds a hassle-free environment but drives more productivity too. Yes, a good management system can help you drive higher returns on investment. Know how?

SAP Business One – the best ERP software in India for the school management system has everything for a seamless digital journey of school work processes.

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1. Effortless and Efficient Communication

Needless to say, just like any other industry, communication is equally important in the educational industry too. The different departments including accounting, attendance, library, technical, admission, etc. have to be in constant touch with each other for a flawless workflow.

2. Optimizing Budgets

 With smart ERP by your side, you neither spend extra or less or any of the departments but just the optimum. SAP B1 allots department-wise budgets along with managing income, expenses, balance, accounting, etc. if you are at the leading position, you can always keep an eye on all the processes along with the penny spent.

 Also, instead of circulating useful information to parents, employees or teachers, you don’t get the notices or circulars printed but digitalize the same by sending SMS alerts, automated mailers, etc. You can even check on the people reading the messages and the ones those are needed to be informed again. Without much ado, you can spend a good amount of valuable progressive areas other than this.

3. Reduced Manpower Cost

If you belong to the school management, you must be aware of the manpower used for basic processes. Imagine result day scenario – wherein each student is handled their performance card of the year, handwritten by the teacher himself/herself. Students get the results on that very day but the challenge behind developing the same that requires days is endless. Not just it absorbs most of the manual time but it uses up quite a lot of paper, ink too. What could be the best strategy to deal with this challenge? Here you go!

With SAP Business One, one of the best ERP software in India helps you stay systematic, updated and efficient with fewer efforts. Instead of generating manual report cards, you can simply fill in the performance of each student on a saved template and send it via mail to parents. Also, with a digitized version on performance cards, you always keep a copy of the same with you all secured and monitor student’s learning attitude and performance in a timely fashion and help him improve in his studies.

4. Better Student-Teacher Relationship

 With automated SMS alerts that keep you on the toe about the tasks assigned, submission dates and examinations – neither the teacher tends to forget, nor the students. Both are all updated and together they can evaluate new forms of learning and make education a better experience. Also, parents in the complete process are always informed and updated about the new routine and new things happening in the school premises.

That’s all for the benefits of having SAP Business One – Best ERP in India for the efficient and proficient school management.

Updated 30-Oct-2019
Raju Shahi is a guest blogger and digital marketer with several years of experience in the industry. He likes to help businesses stay informed and up to date with established and emerging technologies like SAP Business One, IoT, AI, Cloud, and others...

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