All You Need To Know About Responsive E-Mail Marketing

All You Need To Know About Responsive E-Mail Marketing

Responsive email marketing helps in appropriately showing your emails to the target audience on a variety of screen sizes. Whether it's a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone, a responsive website will allow the user to browse the contents easily. Responsive emails automatically adapt to all screen resolutions, so that subscribers can easily read emails on the go and take necessary actions as and when required. If you are wondering about starting a responsive email marketing campaign, then here are certain points that you need to remember: - 

  • In responsive email marketing, your email designs should be personalized in terms of content.
  • You can submit e-mail templates of responsive layout to your clients that can adjust according to the width of the display and then select the most suitable option.
  • Whichever device you view on, your emails should always render information correctly.

Things to keep in mind while doing responsive email marketing: 

  • Your email contents should correspond to the responsive email template, and it should make the information easier to read on tablets and smartphone screens.
  • First, put important details on your email. If you send the most important information below, the message can be missed by the audience.
  • Hold the standard 14-16px body text and 22-24px headlines so that the email can deliver information across all devices.
  • Break the content in different paragraphs and keep the text alignment ‘justified’. Less movement makes reading the content simpler for your audience.
  • Don’t use multiple hyperlinks in your email. As it might lead the reader to avoid that email completely or tap on a wrong hyperlink.
  • Check and re-check your mail; this is the most important step of responsive email marketing. This helps in assuring clarity in your email. 
  • To do a good, responsive email marketing you should adopt new-age email designs or layouts. This is the best practice to provide your audience with an unrivalled email experience by means of visually pleasing email layout. 
  • Always use a single column template while undertaking responsive email marketing. The one-column format is easy to read. 
  • In the case of hybrid apps that don't accept media queries, consider using an e-mail that presents a different layout.

Responsive email marketing can be complicated sometimes. You should opt for a single column email format for good, responsive email marketing. The hybrid solution is only good when you need multi-column layouts. Keep tracking the response of your audience to develop the best responsive email marketing strategy. 

Last updated:10/25/2019 2:05:53 AM
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