What is the Best Magento 2 Extension To Show Out of Stock Notification?

What is the Best Magento 2 Extension To Show Out of Stock Notification?

Nowadays, it’s essential to manage the stocks strictly to fulfill the demand of customers. If we notify the customers about product stock, it will not only help to improve our conversion rates but also helps in managing the product stocks effectively.

 MageAnts Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification is one of the best extensions that help store owners to view the list of customer subscriptions for respective products and manage stocks accordingly. Additionally, the customers will be notified automatically about New stocks, Change Price Product, Sale Off-Product, New Product, etc.

Below are the reasons why MageAnts has the Best Out of Stock Notification Extension?

1. Guest and logged in customers, both can subscribe to out of stock notifications.

2. Customers will be automatically notified via emails when the products are back to stock.

3. Easy to control and handle the list of subscribed customers.

4. Stock alert popup or a simple stock alert message will be displayed on a page.

5. Customize and modify the email template of product stock alerts.

6. Get the report of the subscription list as well as low-quantity products.

7. Admin can send notifications to both customers as well as guest users

8. Admin will also be notified automatically about low stock or any new subscriptions

9. Track your inventory with the help of a stock notification report.

This is one of the must-have extensions to understand the customer’s preference in a better way. And the best feature of this extension is that they even allow the guest visitors to subscribe for the stock alert. So without any second thought, add this best tool in your Magento store and improve your conversion rates automatically.

Last updated:10/25/2019 12:34:46 AM
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