Top 5 DevOps Tools 2019

Top 5 DevOps Tools 2019

DevOps is not just one technology but a development culture that allows us to use various tools that bring a new perspective in software development. Most beginners find it tough to choose DevOps tools for themselves and their team. To utilize the full benefits of automation, close collaboration, and synchronization, it is important to the organization to use the best tools in the industry.

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The biggest challenge faced by the people in the industry is to choose from the various and scattered tools. In this situation, you have to understand the main benefits of the tools and which one of them satisfies your need. Today, we have aggregated the top DevOps tools:

Git: The most popular and widely used tool in the industry works on the client-server model. This distributed SCM tool allows you to track the progress of your development team. Popular companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Netflix use Git in their CI/CD pipelines. To start with Git you need host repositories where your team members can push their work. The best repositories at the moment is GitHub and bitbucket.

Docker: The number one container platform running since 2013. Containers consist of all the applications with all of its dependencies. The isolation of applications in separate container allows it to be portable and more secure.

Selenium: This portable framework is used to test web applications. The most important cutting edge provided by selenium is its ability to generate reports without manual intervention.

Jenkins: The open-source automation server used by wide number of development teams in the software industry. It allows you to automate different stages of your delivery pipeline. Its popularity is visible by the fact that it offers more than 900 plugins which helps in the integration with almost all other DevOps Tools like Docker and Puppet.

Ansible: This automated software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment tool is quite easy to use when compared with other tools in the list. Similar to Puppet and Chef, its lightweight solution separates it from the rest.

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