Roku HDCP error code 020 – how to overcome

Let us first learn, what this HDCP is, before we get down to troubleshoot this issue, and why it is so important. A copyright that protects digital media content from being copied by unauthorized personnel is exactly what this High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection is all about. There are several types of connections that come under the purview of this protocol; 

• Unified Display Interface (UDI)

• High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

• Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF)

• DisplayPort (DP)

• Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

Whenever someone tries to play a HDCP encrypted content, the technology was developed by Intel and was designed to give the error message Roku HDCP error code 020. In case, you have persistent HDCP issues, try resetting the device or the TV first. And then, try to check if it is able to recognize your cable connected between the devices (HDMI).

Even after you pay a subscription towards a particular channel, the Roku device may deny to play content. The issue is completely not related to your Roku or to your TV but the main causative is the HDMI cable.

A faulty HDMI cable or an old wire that is not compatible with HDCP are two major reasons for the error report happening. Replacing your HDMI cable is the only way to overcome it as of now. You may however have to switch off and on all the concerned devices after making this replacement before giving another try. Also, with a new Roku link code, try reviving the device.

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