Have a nice time with staycation – Tips and Tricks

Have a nice time with staycation – Tips and Tricks

Summers, scorching summers, long hotter days and monotonous routine. Life needs some rest and home seems the best place. However, at this time, vacations in popular tourist places become the desire but staycation too has gained an acceptance in the UK. With some planning, it is possible to enjoy a vacation at home. In fact, it is a good idea for those who cannot travel much in the summers. If you are among them, you can easily agree with this. Right?

Not many but with some arrangements it is possible to create a vacation like feel at home. This saves you money and also gives a new perspective to spend the leisure time with a creative concept.

How to have a good staycation? 

With several ways make your stay at home relaxing and exiting with these tips.  

Say good bye to work - Take an off from work and cancel other obligatory programs. Isolate yourself from social and professional responsibilities. You are on rest and no interference should be allowed to spoil the plan. To maintain a work life balance it is necessary to disconnect yourself from the chaos of routine life for a while. Do not restrict yourself in do’s and don’ts of routine life.  

Set a budget – Just as you manage and arrange funds for a holiday to some other city do the same for staycation. Set a budget and make list of the possible expenses. Obviously, here also you can apply your calculative approach. Fun, food and transport, allot a certain amount for every purpose.  

Borrow funds to strengthen the budget - Just in case, you feel any scarcity, it is even no harm to borrow funds. What? You have bad credit ? So what, why not explore online unsecured personal loans for bad credit people with no guarantor? They are not impossible to find, the lenders like unsecuredloan4u, oceanfinance, poundstopocket, LondonLoanBank all are in the queue to provide you a good deal. If you can take a loan for a holiday out of the city, why not for a staycation. After all, you are doing this all for yourself.  

Find places to visit – Your city and its surroundings may have many hidden treasures that are yet to be explored. Bring them in light and make plan for when and how to visit them. However, it is certainly not bad to repeat the places. Some of them can be your favourite ones.  

Cleaning home is not necessary every day - For god’s sake you are on a holiday. Do the basic things but do not get into the details. Corners, nook and cranny, they can be dealt later when you return to the same life with set rules.  

Pamper yourself with abundance of leisure time – Do you remember when was the last time when you gave actual desired time to comb your hairs. High buns, quickly picked hairs in clips and men’s, oh sometimes not even comb was used in the hurry to rush to the metro station or for a meeting. Your hands became the comb. Such countless small things that make us feel pampered stay missed in the chaotic life. Now is the time to do every smallest thing with ease and adequate time. There is no problem if your morning tea extends to one or two hours. This is the time when you enjoy the conversation with your family. Let your skin feel your care and be gentle and slow while applying the sunscreen on it. Whatever you do, just do it slow and take as much time as you want. This makes you feel COMPLETE.

Connect to yourself and disconnect from the world - Mobiles, laptops, desktops why not keep these things away from you for a while. Create a healthy atmosphere around you, enough of harmful radiations. This is the time when you can meet to yourself. Talk to your plants, listen to the sounds of birds, these are the natural luxuries that are available at no cost but humans do not respect it. This is the era when people spend lot of money to go the bird sanctuaries or hill stations to breathe in clean air. Why not arrange that in your own surroundings. At least some greenery is possible with plantation.  

To do activities while on staycation

Now when the planning and concept is clear, focus on the activities that you can do.

Picnic time!! - Late evenings in a huge park with a happy crown around you is fun. If not this, then a cascade adorned tourist point in the city can also revive you with its light cold showers. Pack some picnic food and a bed sheet and reach to any of such places to have a meal in a company with the cool breeze.  

Hike brings adventure; plan a night outside in the tent house – Wow that sounds interesting! Pack your bags; take a trainer and go to hike. The busy routine never lets you stretch your legs and walk in healthy air. Do it now and save your health. Spend the night on or near a mountain or hill.  

Biking (on bicycle) – For a long time you are living in the city but perhaps not all of its corners are familiar to you. Why not make it your friend now? Take your bicycle and just wander in the city. Small streets, big bridges, all may help you explore something amazing and unprecedented.  

Become part of the festivals – Become a part of the festivals happening in your city. This can transform your bored soul into a high-spirited mood. Life is a festival and festivals can make it even more festive.

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