AI And Big Data: Two Important Players in the Digital Future

AI And Big Data: Two Important Players in the Digital Future

With the advancement in technology and with the increasing number of users and devices, a massive amount of data is being generated. With such an amount of data, their computational analysis is gaining importance day by day. Techies are continuously working to find new and better ways where this can be made possible in a very efficient way. In this, next-gen AI is seen as a very promising technology above all. The point where human intelligence seems to get slow is the point where artificial intelligence starts.

What is big data?

In computing, big data is extremely large data sets that are too large or complex to be processed. The field of big data deals with the processing of these data sets that cannot be processed with the traditional data processing application, so that useful patterns, trends, and associations can be revealed out of them.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

According to Techopedia:

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.”

According to computer science, “AI research is the study of intelligent agents: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.”

With the advent of AI, it is seen that it is rapidly spreading in every sector and mainly in those sectors of business where effective decision making is required. When we talk about big data, making faster and smarter decisions is very crucial. With the power of machines, the effective processing of massive amount of data is getting possible, and AI is being seen as the biggest asset in this.

Whatever work a computer does is based on the processing of data. In the same way, AI relies on data and the combination of AI and data is not a new concept. The only thing is that now we have massive data in the form of big data and this firmly requires AI for its processing.

The current scenario has a tremendously huge stream of data from different sources. Whether you fill an online form or perform a monetary transaction on any website, or even if you command you IoT devices, everywhere data is flowing like jets of water. In the fast-paced modern life, quick, easy, and secure processing of data can reveal such useful patterns that can make modern life even more comfortable and productive.

To understand this in a more better way, let’s discuss some of the industries where AI and big data combination is changing the game.

  • Search engines

The use of search engines in any online work has become a common habit. Different searches of different users generate massive data. With the help of AI, search engine providers process this data to deliver even more targetted search results and of course advertisements. This sector has seen such a boom that it had made the importance of AI and big data even more vital.

  • Content and digital marketing

Content and digital marketing are seen as two wheels of a business heading forward in its journey. When content is curated to the right audience, it marks the effectiveness of digital marketing. Currently, the Internet is already flooded with a huge amount of content. Here, AI can help digital executives target the right content to the right audience based on the results of the processed data: the data of trending keywords, targeted email content, content marketing campaigns, etc.

  • Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is seen to be a vital sector of AI implementation. With industries more inclined towards automation, with the help of AI, robots are being trained effectively with processed patterns so that they can even perform those tasks that were not possible before. With the increasing demand for products, robots are being made smarter so that they can manage the production line and collaborate with others effectively. Previously robots were replacing human limitations, and now they have started replacing humans.

  • Smart home devices

In the increasing popularity of voice-based search, AI has made a significant contribution in improving natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition. Due to this, smart home devices that operate on voice commands have become more accurate and reliable.

The final note

James Canton at see big data and AI as the next digital disruption and call it Big Data Intelligence. Business processes are readily adopting this combo, and their decisions are being taken by thinking machines. Here, taking faster and smarter decisions is what is responsible for this trend.

The future scope of AI is set to take the market on fire, and one cannot ignore the benefits that it will present in the future. Although there are some initial cost and complexity with its implementation, this exceptional technology will surely attract the market and the right talent. Those who will flow with it will stay in the market and those who don’t will find a hard time.

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