Amazon Fire Stick Setup

Among the top media streamers such as Roku, Amazon fire stick is one of the best devices that is in more demand among the entertainment lovers. Read the guidelines and you will get an idea about the setup rounds.

You can use the device with any TV model that has an HDMI port and the network speed of around 8 Mbps to 4 Mbps is must to operate the device

Amazon Fire Stick Setup

If you have a new device :

Take out the streaming device from the device package and to power up you must connect one end to the device and the other end to the power adapt-or .

Amazon Account Creation

  • To use the Amazon fires stick device or to complete Amazon fire stick setup you need to create an Amazon fire stick account.
  • For account creation just go to the Amazon web page and fill the required information on the page 
  • Once if you complete filling the required data just tap on the option, create the account for account creation
  • Complete all the hardware setup and include the cable connection. Once if the connections are made you can just turn on the device

Pair the Batteries

  • Get the batteries and you can make sure that the battery seating’s are proper
  • Switch on the device with the help of the batteries and the display screen will prompt to select the language
  • As you wait the internet connection settings will appear. Select the type of wireless network from the list

Link the device to the Amazon Account

  • You will now receive a prompt to link the device to the account. All you need to do is to just log in to the account
  • For users who do not have an account, this is the moment to create an account
  • Set the parental controls and other personalization settings that you require and then carry on with the Amazon fire stick setup

For avoiding the amazon firestick setup errors you can just check the account, the speed of internet connection that you use , the cables that you connect and a few more .

Get the requirements for Amazon fire stick setup, create an Amazon account, complete the hardware setup and proceed with the device setup steps promptly. 

Users who are unclear and who do not know how to  set up the device can get the assistance from our support team 24/7 @ +1-844-920-4357

Last updated:4/23/2019 4:39:11 AM


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